Dry skin is the worst

I mentioned in Monday's post that I have been dealing with dry skin this Winter. The majority of that was on my face. I think part of the reason the rest of my body didn't get as dry was this awesome lotion I found!

My skin has never felt softer or more moisturized and I can thank Nivea Extended Moisture for that. I would recommend this lotion to anyone, not just someone with dry skin. I think it's great for the Winter months too. I don't really enjoy using strong scented lotions from Bath and Body Works, etc. So, this is right up my ally. It's very mild. You can find this at any of your local drugstores, Target, Walmart, etc. It's $6. So, just go buy it!! Oh and the bottle has lasted me a very long time! Some extra moisture lotions leave you greasy but this does not do that.

Just buy it and thank me later!

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