Life Update

I've been MIA. I have good reason. It was killing me not sharing this with my blogger friends but I had to wait until things were official. I accepted a new job!! I'm really excited. I will be working with the same university just a different department. I'm the new Program Coordinator for Curriculum Development. Kind of nervous of course. Because change is scary but exciting. So, this is my last week at my current job. I have been frantically trying to get things ready to leave my position plus fighting off a cold. I haven't even had time to workout. But, things will be settling down soon so I'm looking forward to getting settled into my new routine.

I'm hoping to get some posts up later this week but no promises. I have some products I want to share too. Also, my cousin's baby shower is this weekend. As if I'm not busy enough, I have to go over board on planning the best shower EVER. It's going to be seriously cute!

I hope you all had a fab weekend!

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