Must Have Matte Powder

Ladies, this product has changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic but I'm hooked. I know I've said this before but my skin is oily. I know I know, I hear it all the time...I'll be grateful for this later in life. But, my make-up tends to melt off. I have to use some kind of powder to keep it under control. I've tried it all. I used to love Make-Up Forever HD mineral powder...even the e.l.f. version but I don't like that the powder is white. I've heard great things about the MAC matte powder but the price tag is a little high for powder that is used to absorb oil. That's where this comes in. Rimmel Stay Matte powder.

This powder retails for around $5. $5!!! I buy mine at Walmart but you can find it anywhere Rimmel products are sold. I use the Sandstorm shade. I'm typically in a medium shade in most make-up and my skin has yellow/olive undertones. It appears pretty sheer. As you can see in the below photo.

As you can tell by the container...it gets a lot of use. I apply it with my Sephora Classic Mineral Powder Brush #45. I tend to use a lot but at that price I can rationalize it. Plus, I want to make sure I absorb that oil and get the shine control I'm going for! Overall, this product is amazing and I highly recommend it!

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