Hue Leggings

My love for Hue Leggings has only grown. It's to a point of complete obsession. I'm going to be honest....I don't know the last time I wore real pants. Like jeans. Jeans haven't happened in a VERY long time. Between printed leggings and my Hues, I'm completely covered and have no use for a pair of confining pants. If they don't have elastic, I don't want them.

My sister got her first pair for Christmas. After she wore them she said, it's my goal to never wear real pants again. I've converted her!! She got one pair for Christmas and ended up buying 2-3 more pairs before she went back to Tennessee last weekend.

I stole some IG photos to show you some of mine in action!

I also have gray, hunter green (you'll see those tomorrow) and plum. See, I can wear a pair a day and I'm covered all week! What is wrong with me?! Really, just check them out for yourself. I buy mine at Macy's and Dillard's.

Oh and I need to mention the necklace is the last photo. It's from Crave Jewels. The lovely PinkLouLou did a giveaway and I won! It was so exciting. I'm now obsessed with all of Erin's creations. I need to buy another one. The problem is, I like ALL of them so it's very difficult to pick just one. You should follow her on IG (@icravejewels)...she does giveaways all the time and is pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

I decided to skip The Bachelor last night for the National Championship game. I know I know...what's come over me. But, I have a snow day (2 days in a row - thanks sub-zero temps!) so I'm going to watch today. I can't wait to see how Juan's season unfolds. Based on the teaser on Sunday, we're in for a treat!!

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