WIWW - Red Pants

Finally purchasing these red pants was such a great idea. They are right up there with my hunter green ones. I was on the fence about red for quite a while. I never seemed to find a color I was totally sold on. But, these are perfect.

Sweater: Express (old)
Pants: Hue
Boots: Born (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors

If you like my Jewel Kade accessories, check out the website. I'm having a party on Feb. 22nd and you can order online through my friend Jenn's page. (All above items are linked directly to her page.)

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Marley Lilly Clutch

A couple of weeks ago, Marley Lilly had their Luxe Cross Body Clutches on sale. I have wanted one for quite a while so I finally gave in. I'm in LOVE. I'm pretty sure every girl needs one of these.

I debated on the color. I desperately wanted the mustard color but in the end I decided on something more practical and purchased black. I opted for something that I could use all of the time .

Picking a thread color for your monogram is stressful. I mean really...how do you know if you will like it?? So, I went with gold and I'm happy with the result! I love the chain too.

And the lining is seriously cute. I just love Marley Lilly. One of my favorite companies for sure! My bank account might disagree!

I'm kind of loving the Penny Cross Body too. Because, apparently I need two monogrammed clutches.

How many of you already shop at Marley Lilly? Are you obsessed? Do you have a Luxe Cross Body?


Not Ideal...

So, I didn't have internet all weekend. It's finally up and running but it was too late to write any blog posts. I hope to be back tomorrow with something fun...depends on how hard my personal trainer kicks my butt tonight. I legit could barely stand up last week when we were finished.

I'm planning my cousin's baby shower for next month so maybe I'll share some of our cute ideas! I haven't planned a party in a while so I'm taking this and running with it. :)

Oh and I bought a Marley Lilly monogrammed clutch. I CANNOT wait to use it!

Happy Monday Ladies!


L'Oreal Ideal Moisture for Normal Skin

I read about L'Oreal Ideal Moisture daily lotion for normal skin in InStyle magazine. It was listed as ideal for my age group. I ran out of mositurizer and didn't have time to hit up Sephora for some of my typical products so why not try it out. It's less than $6!

As you can see the bottle is large. A nickle sized amount takes care of my face and neck so this bottle will last quite a while. This is pretty much my new favorite moisturizer. The texture is very light. I don't like heavy moisturizer during the day so this is perfect for me. They have several different varieties. (Dry skin, Even skin tone, Sensitive skin, etc.)

That tiny dot could have covered my entire hand. I think I'll be using this product for quite a while. I'm thinking about trying the even skin tone formula next time. I have some unevenness in my skin so it's worth a shot. It's less than $6 so if I don't like it, I can just give it to my brother. He'll gladly use my hand me down products! Considering he tends to "borrow" them already.

Have any of you tried this product? Or the even skin tone formula? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


WIWW - Hunter Green Two Ways

My hunter green hues are probably my new favorites because I'm pretty much obsessed with the color. I've been wearing them as often as possible. Here they are styled two different ways.

The first look is a little more dressed up. I wore a variation of this to the Luke Bryan concert. Instead of the booties, I went with black boots. I didn't need to be walking and standing for hours in 5 inch heels! Oh and if you haven't checked out the Portofino tops from Express, you need to. I have 3 and they are so comfortable and go with everything!

Pants: Hue
Top: Express
Shoes: Gianni Bini (old) (similar here and here)
Necklaces: Jewel Kade (Broadway, Vintage Coin and Starry Night Drop (retired))

I have this sweater in royal blue and pink. It's currently on clearance at AE. I recommend snagging one...or three before they sell out! So comfy and versatile. 

Pants: Hue
Sweater: American Eagle
Boots: Gianni Bini (similar here)
Earrings: Marc Jacobs (rose gold)

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Origins Checks and Balances

I've read a few reviews about Origins Checks and Balances face wash. So, I was eager to try it. It states on the front that it's frothy and believe me...it is! Especially, when using the Clarisonic. It leaves my skin clean and fresh. It has a menthol scent to it, which I like. It leaves my skin a little tight after rinsing. But, that goes away rather quickly and I always moisturize so that doesn't really bother me. 

Checks and Balances costs $21. It doesn't contain any exfoliants, so the texture is smooth. Overall, I like it but I don't love it. I'm not sure if I'll repurchase it. I don't see a dramatic change in my skin. It will last a while because you only need about a pea sized amount, even without the Clarisonic. I think I'll finish the bottle and then decide from there.



I said on Thursday that I thought it would be a great day. Well that was pretty much the understatement of the century. It was beyond great. First of all, Jess and I finally met and it was probably the best blate of all time.

Ok, be prepared for photo and video overload. What can I say, my love for Luke Bryan has only grown. He puts on an amazing show! Oh and our seats weren't too shabby either! Ms. Jess belongs to his fan club. We had to pick up our tickets at will call. We knew we were in the floor seat area but no idea where. Well, we get the tickets and they are in section F3 Row A. I was still hesitant because I figured we were in Row A of the third section back. I was SO WRONG. Front Freaking Row. In the corner by the stage. The only thing standing between us and LB was the fence and anyone standing on the floor. We might have squealed....more than once. It was un-freaking-believable.

So, he came out standing on a black 4X4 truck. Surrounded by fire. Perfect! 

He pulled this adorable boy on stage with him. They swapped hats for a bit and this kid has the LB moves DOWN! It was adorable. 

He even rocked an Ohio State shirt for a bit. Which we all loved given that we were in Columbus. 

Jenn, Jess and I myself. I mean the stage is RIGHT THERE. No concert will ever compare to this. We are officially spoiled! 

Cole Swindell and Lee Brice opened for him. We caught the end of Cole's set. There were issues at dinner that resulted in us running a bit late. Not to mention we chased down a cab so we could get there ASAP. And by chased down, I mean ran into the road yelling "Are you free????". He thought we were insane!

Drink a Beer is one of my favorite songs. I feel like it's one of those songs that everyone can relate to. He was actually drinking a beer during this song. Oh and throughout the concert he was throwing cans of beer into the audience. Love everything about him!!

This just shows how close we were. I mean COME ON. Stupid. It was just insane. Jenn was toppling over chairs trying to grab his hand! This will be his next single and it is one of my favorites on the album.

Well....this just makes me want to go back. I have spent the days since watching the videos. He is coming back to Ohio this Summer. So, you will hear about Jess, Jenn and I heading to Cincy to watch him again! I'm so excited!!

I can't leave this post without giving you a video of LB shaking it!!

I hope you enjoyed it!! If you have the day off today, I hope you are enjoying your day! I certainly am...morning training session and relaxing are on my agenda!


Mario Badescu Silver Powder

I recently learned about Mario Badescu products. I was browsing Pinterest (nothing new there) and I came across Jaclyn Hill's YouTube channel. After spending more time than I would like admit watching videos I came across her skin care routine video. So, immediately I started googling Mario Badescu. My Ulta may not sell Benefit but they do sell this! I recently bought new face wash so I'm holding off on that stuff but I needed to try something. So, I got the Silver Powder.


The products are reasonably priced. This is only $12. The Silver Powder is used for removing blackheads. I have issues with blackheads around my nose. I'm constantly trying to find something that will help. This seems to help a little. I find that it does force them out.

This product is really interesting. It's a fine powder. Super light. You wet a cotton ball and dip it into the powder. Then apply that to the area. It turns to a paste. You need to make sure you get enough water on the cotton ball. It's kind of a trial an error situation. I usually have to repeat the process 2-3 times to get the area totally covered. You let it sit for 10 minutes and remove with astringent or toner. It turns back to a powder when it dries. The only thing I don't like is the powder tends to flake off. It's really fine so you can end up with powder every where. I recommend finding something to do in the bathroom until it's time to take it off! You can do this up to 2 times per week.

Overall, I like it and I think it does help. My pores are large on and around my nose so I don't think I will ever be totally satisfied with anything because it's the problem that never ends!

Have any of you used Mario Badescu products? What are your favorites?


Today's The Day....

Today's the day that Jess and I get to see this guy!

So, I'm Columbus bound this afternoon. Blogger meet up and Luke Bryan in tight jeans. This might be one of the best days EVER!


WIWW - Quilted Jacket

I found this AMAZING jacket at the Tommy Hilfiger outlet after Christmas. Not only is it the cutest thing ever...it was also on crazy sale. Originally $120. I paid $30. What?!?! I mean that's just insane right? It's incredibly light yet warm. Now that we are not dealing with sub zero temps, I can wear it and I have been taking full advantage.


The leather details are by far my favorite.

Of course I had to include some close up shots of my accessories.


Coat: Tommy Hilfiger Outlet
Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft (bought it this summer)
Pants: Hue
Boots: Cliff via DSW
Necklace: J Crew Factory
Bracelets: ILY Couture and Alex and Ani
Watch: Michael Kors

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Jewel Kade

A couple of months ago I became obsessed with Jewel Kade. My bestie recently decided to start selling it. So, the obsession is only growing. Jenn had her launch party on Friday night. Wine, snacks and jewelry...SIGN ME UP. I brought my new camera to the party and snapped some pics for her so she could use them for promotion materials. There are a lot of photos but I mean come on, you need to see this stuff. I'm going to have a party next month. So, if any of you are interested...let me know! The great thing about this company is you can order online like a regular store and it direct ships to your house.

This is the Broadway necklace and Pewter Heart Drop.

I love this Paris charm. I think I need it.

This the Browadway from above and the Starry Night drop. Unfortunately, this drop recently was retired so I'm not sure you can get it anymore. I'm in love with it.

This set up is all mine I won the Cream Layering Pearl, Fancy Oval Twist and Everyday Love charm during a pin to win giveaway from their Facebook page. I also won a candy cane charm for the holidays. I wear the pearls all the time. As you can see below!

I'm not going to link every single item because that's kind of an overload. However, if you have any questions. Let me know, I pretty much know the catalog inside and out at this point. If I can't help you, I'll send you to Jenn. But I definitely recommend checking out their website. Jenn just created a Facebook page...yesterday. It's still a work in process but like it and you will be the first to know about promotions, giveaways, etc! They also do custom photo charms that can be clipped on any necklace. Jenn has several and they're seriously adorable. I mean, I could go on for days. Just look for yourself. If you find something you like, I'll let you know when I'm doing my party and you can attach your purchase to it online!