Dry skin is the worst

I mentioned in Monday's post that I have been dealing with dry skin this Winter. The majority of that was on my face. I think part of the reason the rest of my body didn't get as dry was this awesome lotion I found!

My skin has never felt softer or more moisturized and I can thank Nivea Extended Moisture for that. I would recommend this lotion to anyone, not just someone with dry skin. I think it's great for the Winter months too. I don't really enjoy using strong scented lotions from Bath and Body Works, etc. So, this is right up my ally. It's very mild. You can find this at any of your local drugstores, Target, Walmart, etc. It's $6. So, just go buy it!! Oh and the bottle has lasted me a very long time! Some extra moisture lotions leave you greasy but this does not do that.

Just buy it and thank me later!


WIWW - Red Pants Two Ways

I dressed my red Hue leggings down for a Friday night Jewel Kade party then dressed them up at work the next week.

 Top: American Eagle (similar) / Scarf: Walmart (in-store only) / Pants: Hue / Boots: Gianni Bini (similar)/ Watch: Michael Kors / Bracelet: ILY Couture

I adore my chambray shirt. It took me a long time to settle on one. Because finding the right color of chambray is very difficult! But, this AE one does not disappoint and the price was hard to beat.

Blazer: Ann Taylor (old - similar option) / Top: Express(similar here and here) / Pants: Hue / Boots: Cliff / Necklaces: Jewel Kade, J Crew, Von Maur (old)

I found this blazer in another closet. I forgot I had it and it's pretty amazing. I was pretty excited to finally wear it to work. This might be one of my favorite outfits currently. I see variations of it popping up a lot in the upcoming weeks.

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Josie Maran Argan Oil

Alright Ladies, I have taken my time jumping on the Argan Oil train but I'm really wondering why I waited so long. Consider me a believer! Jaclyn Hill has mentioned the Josie Maran brand on more than one occasion but I always thought I'm so oily...why add more oil. Jaclyn would say, "if you're oily...trust me."

Well, I finally took her word for it. I opted for the light version because it isn't quite as thick as the original. The theory is, if you apply oil at night, your body won't produce as much during the day. 

I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon. I'm hooked. I have seen such a difference in my skin. My oiliest area is around my nose and I'm seeing significantly less oil in that area. I was having some issues with dryness this Winter. I blame the EXTREME cold that we experienced because I have never had to deal with dry skin before. The combination of argan oil and my favorite Korres night cream has resolved the problem. I bought the small bottle of argan oil...you can find it in the small bins near the checkout at Sephora. I wanted to try it before I spent a lot of money. The small bottle is $16. I'll be buying the larger version next time!

It has a dropper built into the lid. I drop some on my finger tips and then blend it over my face. When I'm finished, I rub the excess on my cuticles. I've also put a little on the ends of my hair. I've been experiencing breakage and I'm hoping it helps a little bit. Basically, this Winter wrecked my skin and my hair!

How many of you use argan oil? Do you use the Josie Maran brand or something else?

Happy Monday Dolls!


WIWW - Statement Necklaces

I love statement necklaces. I love jewelry in general. But, these bubble necklaces are some of my favorites. I have three of them from ILY Couture. They are actually on sale right now

Cardigan: J Crew Factory
Top: TJ Maxx (old)
Pants: Hue
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (similar here and here)
Necklace: ILY Couture, Von Maur (old)
Earrings: Kate Spade (similar)

I love the black and teal combo of this outfit. It's one of my go to options for work. It will be nice when I can wear some of my more lightweight tops and cardis and not feel like I'm freezing all day. This Winter has been an exhausting one!

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Style Inspiration From ModCloth and Polyvore

I just recently jumped on the Polyvore bandwagon. I love finding outfit inspiration on Pinterest so why not put the outfits together on Polyvore. I spent a couple of hours playing over the weekend. I'm pretty sure I'll be purchasing this little ensemble VERY soon.

I mean how fabulous is that Dorothy Perkins top?? Of course I chose some Hue leggings because you know how much I love them. I'm going to NEED this color for Spring.

The Shoreline Memories Dress from ModCloth is AMAZING. Right?? It is just asking to be worn on a nice Spring day. I could see myself sitting on a patio with a glass of wine and my girls. Followed by maybe a little shopping.

Clearly, I'm needing some warm weather in my life. That's probably why I'm also attracted to the Full of Flair Dress, Pottery Painting Party Dress, Illuminate Your Elegance Dress, and the Epic Sail Dress.

Do any of you create fabulous looks on Polyvore? I need to start following people!


Tarin's Baby Shower

I threw my cousin a baby shower last weekend. She is having a little girl! Little Alina will be here in June. She chose a "Ready To Pop" theme and we kept the decor very girly with lavendar, pale pink, gray and white. It turned out perfectly. It was a great day and both the Mom-To-Be and baby girl felt a lot of love.

All of the place setting stuff came from The Flower Factory. 

My mom and I created the adorable centerpieces. We were also sure to send them home with people! I had no desire to see another dum dum lollipop! We bought clear containers, lined the inside with pink ribbon, glued half of a foam ball to a foam block and then stuck them inside. We got all of the materials for the centerpieces at The Flower Factory too.  

My mom and I hand-dipped the pretzel rods in white chocolate melts. We used the leftover royal icing from the cookies to add the pink/purple swirls to them. 

These are the sugar cookies that I always make. The recipe is here.  I decided on onesies with polka dots!

Remember when I attempted to make cake pops? Yeah, ordering them was so much easier and look how cute they turned out! We had vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Let me tell you, I had more than my share of these and they were DELICIOUS!!

I wish I would have gotten a photo of the table with all of the gifts on in it. I got too caught up in the excitement! I made the banner as well. 

Hobby Lobby has pre-made banners and you add letters to them. We covered ours in scrapbook paper and used sticker letters. The letters are actually a little glittery and really cute. The paper had little white polka dots on it. The pom poms came from The Flower Factory.

Everyone was given a little plastic bag for popcorn. Which was also used for cake balls, pretzels, etc. My aunt has a popcorn cart and was kind enough to bring it so we could have fresh popcorn. Let me tell you, it smelled amazing in that church! 

Tarin had a great shower and I'm so happy that I was able to be a part of her day. Now, we can't wait until that little girl arrives so we can all snuggle and love on her!


Life Update

I've been MIA. I have good reason. It was killing me not sharing this with my blogger friends but I had to wait until things were official. I accepted a new job!! I'm really excited. I will be working with the same university just a different department. I'm the new Program Coordinator for Curriculum Development. Kind of nervous of course. Because change is scary but exciting. So, this is my last week at my current job. I have been frantically trying to get things ready to leave my position plus fighting off a cold. I haven't even had time to workout. But, things will be settling down soon so I'm looking forward to getting settled into my new routine.

I'm hoping to get some posts up later this week but no promises. I have some products I want to share too. Also, my cousin's baby shower is this weekend. As if I'm not busy enough, I have to go over board on planning the best shower EVER. It's going to be seriously cute!

I hope you all had a fab weekend!


Cake Pops...

My cousin is pregnant and I'm planning her baby shower. We're doing a "Ready To Pop" theme so she asked for cake pops. I thought, let's see if I can make these and save a little money. Yeah well, these are not easy and I will probably NEVER make them again. We are definitely ordering them for the shower. But, I figured I would share my experience with all of you. They turned out delicious. Not the prettiest cake pops ever but oh well. I got the hang of things towards the end.

I used this tutorial that I pinned and it was spot on. Follow all of her tips and your cake pops will come out perfectly. 

My least favorite part...cutting the cake out. I pulled the top layer of the cake off too because it was a little done and it didn't want it to mess up the consistency. So, that was pretty annoying but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. 

I used my Pampered Chef cookie dough scoop so the size would be consistent. 

I put the balls in the freezer for about 15 minutes and they were set up enough to handle. I let them sit out while I melted the chocolate melts. By the way, I make buckeyes almost every year and I always use chocolate chips for it. I will never do that again. These white chocolate melts are delicious and melting them is insanely easier. Plus, they stay warm and melted for a long time. 

As you can see the chocolate ran a little bit. Not the cutest but it got the job done. Oh and you have to have something to put the stick in...forgot about that. So I found an Amazon box and punched holes in it. Worked like a charm! The strawberry with cream cheese frosting was DELICIOUS.

Do any of you enjoy making these? I find them to be incredibly frustrating and time consuming. I'm sure, like anything else, they get easier the more you make them but for now I'll stick to sugar cookies. I know where my strengths are!


Embracing my curls

My hair is a real struggle. It's thick, curly, coarse, frizzy, and some times impossible to tame. It goes through phases. There are times that my curls are great...other times I look like I could have been on the Infusium 23 commercials. I know you all know what I'm talking about. I wake up in the morning and could scare small children. So, embracing my curls is not always an easy task. I had my hair short a few years ago...those of you that have been around a while know the cute little asymmetrical bob I rocked for a couple of years. I had to grow it out. Then, get the layering under control before I would even attempt curls again...because I would legit have a frizzy afro situation. You think I'm kidding...it's in fact VERY true.

Since Christmas, I have been working with my curls and I have to say it's working for now. I just hope my hair doesn't become accustomed to the products and stop working. This has happened before. So, let me show you what I'm working with....

When I leave my hair curly, I shower in the morning or at least wash my hair in the morning. But, typically I shower at night. The first four pictures were taken before bed...I just wanted you to see it in its natural state. These two photos show my hair straight out of the shower. Still pretty wet. Yes, this is me without a drop of make-up on too. That's how much I love all of you.

When I get out of the shower, I throw it up in a loose bun on the top of my head so it can dry a bit. Again, I only do this at night. I have to get product on it pretty quickly in the morning so I don't have a lot of time to take photos of it. Plus, I'm usually running late!

Now it's getting dry after wearing it on top of my head for a bit. I wear it loose so it doesn't crease too much. I like to use the ribbon hair ties. The morning after taking these photos I just wore my hair in a top knot because my curls weren't too crazy. If I go to bed with it really wet...I wake up looking like a lion!

So, these two show my hair after washing it in the morning. It's still kind of damp so the curls look a little wet but it gets softer as it dries. Currently, I'm using John Frieda Frizz-Ease Curl Reviver Mousse and Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. Both of these products can be found at the drug store, Target, Walmart, etc. I put the mousse on first. I use a decent handful and distribute it throughout. Then, I spray the sea salt spray all over. I'm pretty meticulous about it and make sure it gets everywhere because this really helps with the curls. I try not to touch it very much. But, I kind of flip it from side to side so it can dry underneath while I'm doing my make-up. I do have to flat iron my bangs because I get this awesome flip thing happening!

Well, that was quite the long winded breakdown of my daily hair struggle. And it truly is a struggle! Are any of you cursed blessed with curly hair? What products do you use?


WIWW - Red Pants

Finally purchasing these red pants was such a great idea. They are right up there with my hunter green ones. I was on the fence about red for quite a while. I never seemed to find a color I was totally sold on. But, these are perfect.

Sweater: Express (old)
Pants: Hue
Boots: Born (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors

If you like my Jewel Kade accessories, check out the website. I'm having a party on Feb. 22nd and you can order online through my friend Jenn's page. (All above items are linked directly to her page.)

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Marley Lilly Clutch

A couple of weeks ago, Marley Lilly had their Luxe Cross Body Clutches on sale. I have wanted one for quite a while so I finally gave in. I'm in LOVE. I'm pretty sure every girl needs one of these.

I debated on the color. I desperately wanted the mustard color but in the end I decided on something more practical and purchased black. I opted for something that I could use all of the time .

Picking a thread color for your monogram is stressful. I mean really...how do you know if you will like it?? So, I went with gold and I'm happy with the result! I love the chain too.

And the lining is seriously cute. I just love Marley Lilly. One of my favorite companies for sure! My bank account might disagree!

I'm kind of loving the Penny Cross Body too. Because, apparently I need two monogrammed clutches.

How many of you already shop at Marley Lilly? Are you obsessed? Do you have a Luxe Cross Body?