Lots to catch up on...

My blogging has fallen to the wayside lately. Crazy hectic work life means I'm super stressed and don't have a free minute. When I do have a free minute...I sleep. Yep, I'm super lame.

My busy season is upon me and I'm basically going to go non-stop until November. Don't be too jealous. :) Because of the chaos, I spent yesterday editing photos and writing posts for the week.

If you follow me on IG and Twitter, you have been keeping up with my life. If you really care and want to know what I'm doing, I recommend stalking me on social media...I keep that updated! I have done some shopping, traveled to Colonial Williamsburg for a work conference, baked 60+ cookies for a family gathering, mastered the sock bun and got super dressed up for our resident's graduation during my absence.

The posts this week will be random and out of order but let's start with some new nail polish I bought!

My aunt used to do hair for a living. She no longer does it but keeps her license so she can shop at the beauty supply store. The discounts are awesome! She buys us things on the regular and I got this awesome three pack of China Glaze polishes. Perfect for Summer! I have the pink on my toes and I plan to do the mint on my nails this week. Stay tuned! I got the entire set for $7.50. So cheap... I know! If you see any of these colors, you should definitely pick them up!

I'm happy to be back ladies. I hope to get caught up on all of your blogs too. I have been trying to read occasionally but it's not easy. I have a lot of proctoring this week so hopefully I can catch up. I'll probably be spamming your inboxes commenting on EVERYTHING!! :)


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