Organizing Updates

I went to Ikea a couple of weekends ago to take care of some organization problems. I don't have enough room for all of my clothes and growing jewelry collection. First world problems...I know. My dresser is an antique. Looks can be deceiving. It really doesn't hold a lot and is crammed full which gives me anxiety because everything gets wrinkled. I mean, come on...you all know I'm a little OCD!

I ended up buying this cute little dresser. There is a larger one that I'm considering buying to replace my other dresser so it all matches. The credenza in my bedroom is the same dark wood finish.

I put this together all by myself! My dad doubted my abilities. But, I was so sore the next day from squatting down for hours!

My intention was to put this next to my other jewelry so I could use my top drawer to store some of my jewelry. I shifted my jewelry box to the end of my credenza so I'm not walking all over my room to find a bracelet! I bought the drawer organizers at Ikea as well to do this. I bought the small teal set as well but I can't find them online. 

I also put my perfume in here because I had extra room. Of course, I had to take the top off of my Marc Jacobs Lola because it is the largest and most obnoxious perfume topper of all time. You can see my MK leg shine and leather protector and cleaner for my handbags in the back.

I finally got a new mirror and I absolutely love it! It was only $40. It's really solid and has the ability to be mounted. Of course, it matches my other stuff! Even the picture frame to the right matches. :) 

I reorganized my make up as well. But, we'll get to that tomorrow!


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