Make Up Organization

I blogged about acrylic make up drawers here. I have to say, I'm still lusting after them and had I won the Powerball over the weekend I would own them. But, I'm not $600 million richer so for now I'll settle for the drawers I found at Ikea. I still want to check out The Container Store too.

The larger drawer can be found here. I couldn't find the smaller one. They had so many different sizes. It comes with 2 pieces that you lock into place on the back so you can attach the containers together. I like that they don't slide around.

I could actually use another large drawer for all of my skin care stuff. I put all of my make up on the bottom. It came with a divider which works out perfectly.

My brushes and small samples are all in the top. It's a little crowded but it works. I wouldn't mind having another one for just my brushes and other tools. 

I think the two of these together cost around $15. Much better than the $120 Muji drawers I want! If I find something better I can always find something to put in these. Plus, I'm not out a lot of money. They are sturdy and hold the weight of all of my make up very well. The lid of the larger drawer does not bow under the weight of the smaller one. Overall, I would give them a good rating. Not exactly want I want but it gets the job done.


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