Friday's Letters

I'm linking up with Ashley at The Sweet Season today! It's been a while since I've done one of these.

Dear Braxton, you have been a royal pain this week. How are you able to open closet doors now? It's mind boggling. But, you managed to unwind the cord to the vacuum and pull out my exercise bands. Just when I want to banish you to the basement, you do cute things like this and make me laugh hysterically.

Dear Rain, you can go away now. We're done with you for a while. I would like a nice 80 degree day so I can sit on the deck and sun myself.

Dear Birthday, you are officially less than 2 months away. I don't think I'm ready for 30. I'm panicking slightly. Is there anyway you can just hold off for a little while?

Dear Work, 3 years ago today was my first day. Some days I feel like I have been here 10 years. Others, I feel like I just started. We've come a long way!

Dear Jenn, you're kind of like superwoman. Life has been throwing you grenades lately and you are handling it with class and grace. I won't say it's easy but we'll continue to have weekly vent session at Fiesta with bottomless margaritas and chips and cheese until it passes. Love your face buttercup!!

Have a great weekend Dolls! I'm so ready for a few days off and short week next week. I'm giving myself a 4 day weekend for Memorial Day. Cue the angels because I have never needed a break more!


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  1. So this made me cry...as if Grey's wasn't enough last night. I love you and appreciated your everlasting friendship more than you'll ever know.I couldn't do this without your support, talks, guidance, and vent sessions with margs, of course. xo