Sephora Chic Week Haul Part 1

I'm way behind because of my hiatus but I want to share the products I purchased during the Sephora Chic Week 15% off sale. I'm going to break it up into two parts so it's not a an overload. I mean I did go to the sale on two different occasions. I have a problem!

I have mentioned Benefit's It's Potent eye cream before. It is my absolute favorite eye cream right now. The small jar lasts a really long time. I've learned to be picky about the packaging of my eye cream and moisturizers. So many of them run out and you have no idea because it's a pump or you can't see how much is left in the container. I tend to venture towards jars so I can scrape them clean! 

I blogged about Glam Glow here

I had tested the black container - the tingling mask - but they were completely sold out of it and didn't expect to get anymore in before the sale was over. So, after talking to the lovely sales woman I decided to get the white container. This can be used as a spot treatment which was a selling point for me. The only real difference was the tingling effect...which I loved...but I can get past it. I have used it three times since I've purchased it and I love it.

I had help while taking photos. It was quite the fiasco. Thanks little man! 

I used my 250 point reward on this bronzing lotion by St. Tropez. I have to say that I really like it. I wore it with a skirt and felt like it definitely gave me a little color without rubbing off on my clothes. I might consider buying a large bottle when this is gone. 

These might be my two favorite purchases! I'm obsessed with my Nars Roman Holiday lipstick and Buxom Pink Lady Big & Healthy Lip Cream. The lip cream gives a nice plumping and tingling effect which I LOVE.

Lipstick on the top and lip gloss on the bottom. I think they compliment each other well.  

I can't believe I'm actually posting a picture like this but this is the lipstick. I love how moisturizing it is. It doesn't make my lips feel dry. I've had a horrible time with chapped lips this Winter so I need something moisturizing. 

And this is with the lip gloss on top. It didn't really change the color but gives a little extra shine. I'm really happy with the purchases.

If you read my last post, I mentioned purchasing a new car. I did it! I'm so happy with my Subaru Forester. I ended up with a 2010 but it only has 27,000 miles on it and it looks brand new. So, I'm very happy! I'm adjusting to my new ride but I love it!

Happy Monday Ladies!!


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  1. I am in love with this post. :) I also have a problem, but you know that :) I am loving the eye cream--using my sample right up!