Kate Spade. Marc Jacobs. Michael Kors. Oh My.

I spoiled myself this weekend. Before we get to the really exciting stuff, let's start with my first stop. The J Crew Factory store. The entire store was 50% off. I had to restrain myself.

I cannot wait to wear this skirt. I really cannot wait to wear it WITHOUT tights. That will make me really happy! There are so many colors in the tweed so it will be very versatile. 

I fell in love with this sweater. It's really thin so I will be able to wear it all Spring and maybe even during chilly nights this Summer. I have a pair of purple J Crew shorts that are dying to be paired with it! 

I think this speaks for itself. I will probably wear this necklace every day. be prepared to see it a lot. The sales woman had it on and she told me I would wear it a lot. I agree! 

I had planned to get this Marc Jacobs cross body bag. That is until I saw this at the MK Outlet. The length was good and it's really roomy. I used it Saturday night, I had a mini wallet, cell phone, car keys, 3 lip glosses (don't judge me) and there was room to spare! I had so many earrings I was looking into buying but when I saw the Kate Spade "know the ropes" earrings I knew they were the ones. We parked at Nordstrom so on the way out when I was considering a pair of Cole Haan flats and passed; we stopped in the jewelry/handbag section again. I came across the Marc Jacobs bracelet and I knew it was over. I put it on and it fit perfectly. THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO ME. My wrist is the size of a 3rd graders. It's awful. The girl that sold me my earrings came over and somehow between her and Jenn, I was convinced I needed it. In all seriousness, I will probably wear it at least 3 times a week because I wear my other black and gold bracelet...A LOT. I kind of want more of them. During the last Nordstrom sale, I had one in my cart but I didn't want to bite the bullet without trying it on. Now, I know it fits so I can see another one of them joining my collection!  

I also bought this shirt at Express. I couldn't save the photo from the website but you'll see me wearing it in tomorrow's post. Or, if you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen it!

I had to go to Walmart to buy more hangers...yes I have a problem when I need several different kinds of hangers. I found another great Walmart scarf...$4!!!

Loving this!! So those are my purchases this weekend! I ended the day with blisters on my feet and I was so exhausted that I became delirious. It was crazy but great fun! Jenn and I always have an adventure when we get together.

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