Friday Letters

Dear NCAA Basketball: You are still giving me an excuse to do nothing on a Saturday night. Thanks for that. What will I do when you end on Monday?

Dear MLB TV: You are on my list. I tried to listen to the Reds game at work yesterday but you were trying to make me buy the audio package for $19.99 because it was a televised game. All I wanted was to hear Marty call the game but because of your rules the 700 WLW website wouldn't play it. And yes, I tweeted 700 WLW and the Reds about this. I was that mad but I got a response. Hence this letter.

Dear Michael Kors / Dillard's: Well Dillard's, your watch trade in program was not good for me or my wallet. I'm on a budget but managed to come home with this...

The Parker Mid-Size Rose Gold and Tortoise watch needed to be in my collection. Technically, my first pay check of the month is today so I didn't really mess up my budget, did I? I'm still able to pay what I had planned to pay this month so I think I'm ok. :) At least I was able to resist that beautiful MK bag.

Dear Braxton: I hope you enjoy your new black and silver collar, even if Uncle Ty says you look feminine. This coming from the guy that likes to take my expensive moisturizer. Seriously, don't listen to him. You look very handsome.

Dear Work: It was a rough week. Students are sucking the life out of me with their neediness and attitudes. You.Are.Adults. Pull it together and stop acting like children. (I work with medical students, in case you are wondering!) You and I will need to part ways for a vacation very soon or I might lose my mind!

I hope you all have fabulous weekend and don't forget to check out my giveaway!




  1. Love the watch, even more so because of the name :) You are motivating me to take a little trip to MK.

    1. Stacie, you should definitely go!! So many cute watches right now. If you have a Dillard's near by, they will give you $50 off of a $200+ watch in exchange for an old watch.

  2. Great watch!

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  3. You continue to make me jealous!!! I love that watch!!!!!

  4. Remember when you didn't resist the bag the second time?? :)

    1. Yes and I blame you for the peer pressure! :)

  5. loooooove your watch lady!! i've been making eyes with the MK gold runway watch for years now!