So Many Earrings, So Little Time

I have been trying to decide what earrings I would like to buy with my tax return. I like to buy myself something nice with my return then I try to save the rest. One of the things I would like to get is a nice pair of earrings. I just pulled all of these from my Nordstrom "Wish List". The Nordstrom app is dangerous. I browse it too often!

Each picture links back to Nordstrom's website. 

These are by House of Harlow. Honestly, they are a little larger than I'd like but the star burst in the center really won me over.

Kate Spade 'Skinny Mini' Bows are so adorable. I was torn between the white and the mint. I mean I could have every color and be ok with it!

I love the simplicity of a pair of gold heart studs. I bought these for Jenn for her birthday. I love them too. You can't go wrong with a pair of simple Marc Jacobs studs!

I was attracted to the color of these Marc Jacobs studs. Light Rose/Antique Gold...perfection!

I am OBSESSED with Tory Burch.  I kind of want to be her. These plain TB studs are the equivalent to the Marc Jacobs hearts above, IMO. A classic statement. 

The Tory Burch Logo Studs give a little pop of color. I love purple and tend have a lot of it or at least complimentary colors in my wardrobe so I think they would get a lot of use!

Last but certainly not least, the Tory Burch 'Brody' Logo Studs. I think these are my favorite. I can't get enough gold and tortoise.

I'm really leaning towards the Tory Burch gold logo and the gold/tortoise logo. But, I want to know what my blog ladies think! I'm open to other suggestions as well. I have a feeling my plans will go out the window when I actually make it to Nordstrom to pick them out (it will be a couple of weeks). It's nice to have a plan though.

It's probably a good thing that I don't have time to go shopping right now. I'm super stressed at work and I could easily do A LOT of damage without really thinking about it. I need some time to cool off before I go on this trip! Retail therapy is great therapy though...as long as you don't suffer from buyer's remorse. :)

Have a great Tuesday Ladies!!



  1. I have the silver TB logo, and I love them, but they are pretty big for our little ears. I love the Marc Jacobs hearts (and especially the ones you got me--wearing today!!) and the tortoise TB. HOWEVER, there is something about those bows that is screaming LINDSEY! Just get one of each. Love you :)

  2. This are all really cute earring, I like the bow or one of the Tory Burch earrings.


  3. Does my vote count? I vote for the MJ's that are light rose and antique gold!!! Also I saw similar bow studs at the Kate Spade Factory store like a month ago!

  4. I love the house or harlow ones and those pretty little marc by marc ones. very pretty!

  5. Visiting from Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins LInk up. I love little earrings. THat's all that i wear right now. I have a bow piar, a black pearl one and a gold ball that i wear all the time. I love little earring. Great post. lOve your choices.



  6. I've so been wanting a pair of bow earrings, I sooo love them!