DSLR Cameras...I need help!

I'm reaching out to my lovely readers for some feedback. I'm ready to to dive into the world of DSLR cameras. I really have no idea what I should get. I've done some research but I think getting feedback from people that actually use them will help me more than anything.

I want something entry level. I don't need anything too advanced. I've never used a camera like this so I don't want to overwhelm myself. I need it to be somewhat easy to use. I will mainly use it for blog purposes but obviously, it will be my go to camera for family gatherings, snapping too many pics of Braxton and things of that nature. I like my point and shoot and I can continue to use that for wild nights out with my friends! :)

Here are a few that I have looked at but again, I'm open to suggestions!

Canon - EOS Rebel T3i

Nikon D3100

Nikon D5100

Ok, so Canon or Nikon?? Is this a personal preference like Mac or PC...or is one brand actually better than the other?

What do you use?

I know this is a super boring post and I promise to be back tomorrow with something more exciting, like my recent J Crew purchases. Seriously though, your feedback is much appreciated!!

Happy Tuesday Ladies!



  1. Boring post, are you kidding me?! I love me some DSLRs!

    I'm a Canon girl. When I was camera shopping a few years back everyone suggested that over Nikon so I went with it. I have a Rebel and it's been good to me. It came with the kit lens, 18-55mm 3.5, and while it's a good starter lens it doesn't take the most quality photos in the world. I've since sold that on Ebay and bought the 50mm 1.4 and Tamron 28-75mm 2.8. Both take fab photos.

    All my gear is from Amazon and Adorama. Best prices!

  2. I got a Sony about 3 years ago and I really like it. I went to best buy and just tried them all out - which one felt best in my hand and the features. Mine has a screen that pops up and to the side so you can do a lot more with that. I suggest you just go handle them and see what happens. In reality, I think all entry DSLRs are pretty much the same. Plus you can always upgrade to different lenses. I just got my first new not kit lens and I love it.