Crispy Quinoa Bake

I pinned this Crispy Quinoa Bake a couple of weeks ago and I'm obsessed with it. So delicious!!

It has black beans, tomatoes, green chiles, corn, green pepper, onion, zucchini, chicken stock, quinoa and monterey jack cheese. All good things! My brother wanted to know why there wasn't any chicken in it. Silly boy!! I followed the recipe exactly but it could easily be adapted to different flavors. I think you could make it italian based too. I had this for lunch twice this week. It's filling and healthy so that makes me happy!

I definitely recommend trying this yummy and easy recipe. It makes a TON. I think you could freeze part of it and it would still be great. 

I'm linking up with Katie @ Keep Calm And Carry On and Steph @ Beautiful Mess today. 

I'm at home with a migraine today. :( I've been suffering from a headache since Friday and it has finally become a full blown migraine. I will be in migraine med induced coma by the time you read this!