Black and Pink

Today's post will be a quick one. I finally used my new nail polish last night. This is probably the longest a nail polish has sat around before being used.

Pretend you don't see those horrible cuticles, ok? My hands are so dry...Ohio Winter can be over any time now! I used Essie's Licorice and A Cut Above. I don't normally do black but I really like it!

What are your thoughts on black nails?

I love the glitter but I know it's going to take an army to get it off. I pinned a few techniques to remove glitter nail polish...let's hope I find something that works! I will definitely let you know if I find an "easy" way. Let's face it, removing glitter from your nails will never be easy. The things we do....

And because I know you need a little Brax in your life. He discovered snowflakes. He spent hours attacking them through the window. 

Chasing snowflakes is very exhausting. He was tuckered out and wanted to snuggle. I never pass up kitty snuggles! 

I went shopping again on Saturday. I know I know. I have a problem. I should have been spending my money on a computer not clothes because mine is ready to bite it. I don't know what I want so I'm torn and keep putting it off. But, it was running incredibly slow and I knew I had no patience to edit photos. Hopefully, it's better tonight.

Have a great Monday Ladies!!


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