Beauty Blender = Happiness

A quick check in today. I should have posted yesterday because I had a snow day but I chose to watch the entire final season of Weeds. Do Not Judge Me! I went shopping this weekend and here are a few of the things I picked up. If you follow me on Instagram you have seen a few of these. 

I found these Gianni Bini heels on the sale rack at Dillard's. I'm kind of in love with them and they were $31. I'm wearing them tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about it!

I finally got a Beauty Blender! It was love at first sight! They are now being sold at Sephora. I looked around for it and couldn't find it anywhere. I asked someone and there was one left behind the counter so I snatched it up really quickly! I also found this beautiful Mac Eyeshadow in Blackberry. I have a lot of shimmer colors but I needed some matte to offset it. I find that browns and dark purples look great on me. I'm wearing it today with Tease from my Naked 2 Palette. This is my first Mac product. Is that insane? Considering how much make-up I have, I find it shocking that I have never purchased anything from Mac.

I bought these Sperry's weeks ago. Honestly, I thought I posted about them but I couldn't find it anywhere. Strange! But, I'm in love with them. They are soft leather unlike regular Sperry's. I bought them at Macy's. While at Dillard's I saw these....

Now I think I need another pair. What is wrong with me? They are mint colored though!!

Ok, Ladies...that's my quick check in today. I'm back to work and so so so busy! I'm grateful for the snow day because there was no way I could drive in yesterday. I spun out on Sunday evening and ended up in a ditch. It was terrifying. I'm fine and so is the car but it scared me. I wasn't really wanting to drive during our late March snow storm yesterday!


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  1. The beauty blender is definitely life changing, right? :) I love it. I cannot believe you only own one MAC product. I am obsessed with MAC, I have a problem. My collection is growing quite quickly and sometimes get sad that I may be neglecting some of my other brands, lol. Love the Sperry's!