3 Day Work Weeks = My Favorite

The title speaks for itself. Today is my Friday...I'm stoked. Bestie Jenn and I are going shopping tomorrow. I'm finally going to get those earrings I talked about here. We'll see what I end up with! I'm putting myself on a pretty strict budget starting April 1st. After my snow incident on Monday, I've decided I need a new car before next Winter so it's time to start saving! I've decided to splurge on one other item during the shopping trip. I have been wanting a small cross body bag and I think I have it picked out.

I think it's time I get my first Marc Jacobs bag. The reason I've waited so long to buy one is I have Short Girl Problems. Some of the bags tend to be too long and then bounce off of my hip like crazy when I walk. This Marc Jacobs 'Pretty Nylon - Mini Natasha' cross body bag is adjustable (which many of them are) and can actually be shortened enough. It's bad when you determine what bag you get based on the length of the strap! I didn't think I would like nylon but I think I actually like it more.

Those of you that know me well or know me IRL, know that I really really really want this.

Michael Kors. Nautical Stripes. Tote. Gold Hardware. LOVE. But, I don't think I'll be purchasing it. I can admire it though. The MK store will be DANGEROUS. I should probably avoid it.

I really wanted a cute MK cross body but I look like a child carrying her mom's bag. It's not a good look.

Ladies, my first giveaway will be Monday so you should definitely check back in! I have everything purchased and I'm super excited to show you the goodies I'm going to giveaway.

Have a great Thursday!!


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  1. MK has an outlet ten minutes from my house. I think of you when I restrain myself from stopping in :) Enjoy your shopping trip!