New Fav Lip Color

I have read about Maybelline's Color Whispers on several blogs over the past week or so. I had to run into Walgreen's for a gift bag last Friday and I decided to check it out. Well, I'm officially obsessed.

After much debate, I went with Pink Possibilities. 

Here is a sample of the color on my gross hand but you get the point! 

I'm wearing it in this picture from Jenn's birthday on Friday. 

This is a stock photo from Maybelline's site.

The lip color goes on like a lip balm but looks kind of like a gloss. It's shiny but not overly glossy. You can apply it without a mirror because it goes on so smoothly. I'm kind of addicted to it. I probably applied it 20 times Friday night. It keeps my lips moisturized which I need during these cold months! I think I want to try a few more. Target has it for $5.94 so run out and pick some up for yourself!!

Speaking of Target...my Prabal Gurung tank is horrible. It comes down to my knees...not exaggerating so I need to return it. However the shoes are AMAZING!!

Lastly, I leave you with this...

...because you haven't seen him in a while and he is just too cute for words. 5 seconds later he was eating the bag and tissue paper for Jenn's birthday gift.

Have a great Tuesday!!


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