My Bestie (aka Jenn) is celebrating her second 29th birthday on Saturday. Yes, she is the big 3-0. Don't worry, I'm right behind you! :) So this post is to wish her the happiest of birthdays. We will be celebrating this evening and starting the afternoon off right with mani/pedis. Sounds just about perfect to me!

Here are a few (or 9) pictures of us that I snagged from FB. I mean I could go way back if I wanted to but I kept it semi recent. We've basically known each other our entire lives so I'm sure there are some scary pictures in the vault somewhere!

You'll see our hair has changed over the years...

Christmas 2009??

This is the following year...2010

10 year high school reunion...2011

My sister's wedding...2012

Messy hair, sweaty post race. 2012

Pre race, matching shoes. 2012

Goofy faces...on our way to the Bengals/Jets preseason game. My eyebrows are terrifying. There may have been cocktails with dinner. 2012

One of my favorites! 2012

And of course our boys need to make an appearance. They're besties too! 2011 or early 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BESTIE!!! I CANNOT wait to spend the afternoon/evening with you. Love your face!

Have a great weekend Dolls!!


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