Friday Letters

Dear Ice Storm: Thank you for giving me a 2 hour delay today. I needed the extra sleep!

Dear Ear Packing: You come out on Wednesday at 8 am. This cannot happen soon enough. I kind of hate you and the ear drops you require. 10 drops twice a day...no thanks.

Dear Braxton: Why do you love your Uncle Ty more than me? I'm serious, this needs to stop.

You don't snuggle like that with me anymore and it makes me sad. Why do you want to make your mother sad?

Dear Cincinnati Reds: Baseball returns today at 3 pm. Joey Votto is in the Final Four for MLB Network's Face of the MLB race. These two things make me incredibly happy.

Dear Twitter Followers: This goes hand in hand with the above thought. I apologize for my incessant #JoeyVotto tweets and retweets. But, we want nothing more than to see our boy as the face of the MLB. We beat a Yankee and we're on way to beating a Pirate. If my followers want to put one #JoeyVotto in their tweets today, I would love you...more than I do already. I will also most likely retweet it because every tweet counts! I believe the finals should be tomorrow. So, after that we will be back to regular programing. :)


Happy Friday Dolls! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!



  1. I'd definitely be jealous, too! (but maybe that's just the crazy cat lady in me coming out...)
    I'm glad you're seeing a positive in the ice storm....I was told it may be coming my way in a couple of days and I couldn't be more upset about that possibility!
    <3 Kiersten

  2. Newest follower, here from the link up :)

    xo, Ashley @ Horseshoes & Pearls