WIWW - The iPhone photo edition

For real ladies, I need to charge my camera. I never think about it when I'm actually in my house and able to do it. I'm setting a reminder on my phone.

I haven't done a WIWW in quite a while and I liked my outfit today. It's comfy and easy to wear. I really really really wanted a picture of yesterday's outfit. However, I go straight to the gym after work and I have been functioning at a snail's pace all week so getting ready in time for photos was not in the cards. I snapped a couple on my phone but they aren't the best.

I think I should add another resolution to my list....get my photo taking skills under control. This is just sad!

Flourescent overhead lighting is really flattering. (read with sarcasm) I wore heels for the first time in probably 2 months. My foot feels so much better. I will still ease back into the day to day 3 inch heels but I'm happy that I can start wearing them again.

Cardigan: J Crew "Jackie"
Top: American Eagle
Tank: Forever 21
Skirt: Banana Republic
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Unlisted by Kenneth Cole (as seen here)

Top: J Crew
Skirt: Forever 21
Leggings: American Eagle
Boots: Gianni Bini
Necklace: Kay Jewelry (gift from my dad)
Bracelets: Handmade

I had every intention to straighten my hair this morning. I even washed it last night so it would be dry. Then my alarm went off...I thought an additional 30 minutes of sleep was more important. Enter the extremely messy bun thing and glasses. Plus it's raining, why would I want to spend the time on my hair?! I was just being practical. :)

I promise to get my act together and take real photos soon. I need a tripod. That's the only good solution. Taking outfit photos when it's dark doesn't help matters. Thanks to Winter in Ohio...I'll be taking photos in the dark for a while!

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy again today.

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Have a fantastic Wednesday Dolls!



  1. More sleep is always important in my world too! Arm party...made by you? If so, rock on girl!!

  2. oh my goodness, you look amazing. adore those boots. Beyond cute. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest post. xo