WIWW - The Extremely Cold Edition

Ladies it's COLD in Ohio. Like 4 degrees when I leave for work and negatives with wind chill. Not cool Mother Nature. My face was frozen after walking to my car last night. This is my outfit from yesterday and I definitely had the layers going on!

Sweater: Ralph Lauren
Skirt: Forever 21
Leggings: American Eagle
Boots: Gianni Bini
Scarf: gift

You will all be happy to know that I finally remembered to charge my camera battery last night. So, the iPhone photos will end very soon! This outfit kept me so warm yesterday. I have some cute new tops I would love to wear but I've been living in sweaters. This cold stuff can end any time!

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy again today.


Have a great Wednesday Dolls!



  1. oh my goodness, i love your skirt. Adore this outfit. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo


  2. I swear I think I have that same scarf! I know what you mean about cold, I'm in IL. I wish I could wear skirts in winter too but its just toooo cold!

  3. girl, it's so cold in wisconsin too! it makes me want to never ever leave the house. I love all of the layers you have going on - that scarf is beautiful!