Why am I doing this to myself again...

Ladies, remember when I had my right ear drum reconstructed last year? It was horrible at the time. But, my ear is so much better. No pain. No infections. Initially, I went to the surgeon because my left ear was causing me to have a lot of pain. However, my right ear drum was worse than the left because it was nearly 90% perforated compared to the 30% in my left. So, the surgeon said he likes to do the worst ear first in case the ear rejects the graft. Then, you aren't damaging the good ear. Well my bad ear is fixed but the ear that was actually aching nearly 24/7 is ready to be done too.

All of that boring explanation to tell you that I'm having my left ear done on Tuesday. This cold weather has done a number on me. I have to wear cotton in my ears when walking in and out of work because the air is painful. I'll be happy when this is over and I finally have 2 ears that don't hurt on a regular basis. I'm much more prepared this time around. I have planned to take Tuesday-Tuesday off then we'll see what happens from there. Sadly, I'm kind of looking forward to spending several days in bed with no responsibilities. No one can ask anything of me and I can't be judged for not getting out of bed. I kind of need this break.

Things I'm not looking forward to:
Not washing my hair for 5 days.
Swelling which makes brushing my teeth very difficult.
Coming out of anesthesia. I struggle and it takes FOREVER.
Not eating after Midnight, yet my surgery is at 1 pm.
Ear drops.
Packing in my ear for a month.
Not being able to blow my nose for a month.

Honestly, it will be worth it in the long run. So, I have a couple months of hell ahead of me but I'll get through it. I've been taking some outfit photos and I hope to set up a few posts this weekend so you have something to read next week. If I'm MIA, you can probably find me checking in on Twitter and Instagram. I'm going to give it hell in the gym this weekend and Monday because the last thing I'll want to do is hit the treadmill after this is done. I'm shooting for getting back to the gym the week of Feb. 11th. Cross your fingers for me!

Have a great weekend Dolls!! I'm getting a pedi today so my feet aren't disgusting on Tuesday.



  1. Well you KNOW anything you need, I'm there...movie night, coffee, alcohol ;), whatever!
    And February 15th you and your new ear drum will be accompanying me to a fun night out when I become an old person.
    Love you big lots.
    Pedis today...YAY!

  2. The not eating before would be the hardest part for me. It's definitely going to be worth it though. Hoping it goes smoothly for you!

  3. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this!! At least it will be over soon. I would actually love to spend the next week in bed just watching movies and being lazy - life is so hectic right now, so enjoy your time off! Praying the surgery goes smoothly.

  4. I am so glad that your first went so smoothly. I hope this second one goes just as fine if not better.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights
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  5. I do not know how this slipped by me!! I really hope all went well. That sounds excruciating--so I am glad they are able to help you along the way. Get better girlie :)