New Glasses!

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by the company Firmoo about trying a pair of their glasses. I jumped on the chance because I love getting new frames (despite the fact that I've had the same ones for 2 years). After a lot of browsing, I decided to get something slightly similar but with a twist. 

So, these probably look really similar to my purple ones but the frame is a little bigger and boxier and they are thicker across the bridge of my nose. I look best in thick plastic frames so I stuck with that category. 

They came in a really nice case which is fantastic! Little things like this really make me happy. 

Ok, so please ignore my sweatiness and workout gear. The NYE resolution is in full effect so this is what I look like after work and typically that's the only time I wear my glasses unless I'm lazy! :)

I felt like Firmoo's service was fantastic. The glasses came quickly (however my review was delayed due to my holiday hiatus). I really like the frames. I think I might have been slightly off on my pupillary distance though. Bummer. It wasn't printed on my script from the eye doctor so I measured it myself. It's manageable though!

Firmoo has a first pair free program! You will get the first pair free by only paying shipping. Great deal, right?! They have a variety of styles and shapes. I recommend that all of my fellow four eyed friends check it out. :) It never hurts to have a spare pair of glasses laying around.

Thank you Firmoo for cute new frames!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend Dolls! I'm off to Cleveland to party it up with my besties. I'm going to my first polka dance...ahhh!!! Be prepared for hysterical photos on Monday.


I was sent the glasses for review and all opinions are my own.


  1. I love Firmoo, I have got some great glasses from them.
    Hope you can check out my latest post. Hope you can find a minute and enter my giveaway to win sunglasses! www.nellecreations.com

  2. I really like your glasses! They suit you :-)

    Francesca xo

  3. the frames look great on you! =D