My First Polka

I attended my first polka dance with my besties this weekend. Jill's dad is in a polka band. My other friends have attended this dance before but this was my first time. It was seriously a blast. I didn't get a workout in that day but I'm pretty sure I burnt a TON of calories on the dance floor. The best part...my best friend got ENGAGED!! I'm so unbelievably excited. Ren and I missed the actual proposal because we didn't get the memo to go out to the dance floor. So, we were doing jello shots and chatting. Oh well! We saw the video!

Rennie = my better half.

The 2 best friends that anyone could have! (Read that in the Alan voice from The Hangover.) Jill will be a beautiful bride!

This sums things up perfectly. 

She has some bling on that finger now!! :)

Ren is polka-ing...she's so fast, she's blurry. 

I mean check out that foot! 

The HAPPY COUPLE!! Matt is stuck with us now!

Congrats Jilla Jilla!! If this dance says anything about the ambiance of her wedding, well let's just say we're all in for a really really good time! 

My outfit: Top - New York and Co; Skirt - Forever 21; Tights - Hue; Watch - Michael Kors; Bracelets - J Crew and Banana Republic

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


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  1. That foot picture should have been your "movement" picture for photo a day January challenge! Wicked!