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First, let me apologize for being MIA last week. Work life got out of hand and I didn't have the energy to blog. I only spent 18 hours of the 40 hour work week in my office. So many meetings and eight hours of proctoring left me stretched pretty thin.

But, I have a great product to review for you today so at least I'm back with something worthwhile!

I read somewhere that Dr.Oz recommends this moisturizer. (I can't remember where...sorry. Let's be honest it was probably Pinterest.) I typically buy L'Oreal or occasionally something from Sephora. So, I spend at a minimum $20 on my moisturizer. I don't mind spending more money on my face care products because I want to be 80 with a great skin. There's nothing wrong with that, right?! I was in Walmart the other day getting another sports bra and picking up my fav astringent and thought I would look for the St. Ives Timeless Skin moisturizer. To my surprise it was less than $5 and is a 10 oz container. Not kidding this could last years.

The scent isn't my favorite. But, that fades within a few minutes so I can get past it. The texture reminds me of one of my favorite moisturizers, Hope in a Jar by Philosophy. It is very creamy and not greasy. I have combination skin but I run more on the oily side so I'm not a big fan of things that make me more oily and this does not. Score one for St. Ives. I have been using it day and night for about a week. So far so good! I wear BB Cream every day. I apply this and let it set up before applying my BB Cream. It goes on great.

To give you another reference, my brother's skin tends to get dry at times. He works in a gym and showers more than anyone I know. Not kidding...who showers before working out just so they can shower again in an hour and a half, also he showered before bed so how are you that dirty?! I will never understand but that's not the point. (Maybe it's my intense hatred of washing my hair that prevents me from showering 3 times a day...who knows!) So, his face can get dried out. I had him try this moisturizer and he seems to be a fan. Granted he's a guy and has no concept of what moisturizer costs and the difference between A and B but he said it's helping.

So there ya have it. My latest cheap find that actually works well! Walmart has been coming through for me lately. If any of you decide to try this, please let me know what you think!

Have a great Tuesday Dolls!


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