Why am I doing this to myself again...

Ladies, remember when I had my right ear drum reconstructed last year? It was horrible at the time. But, my ear is so much better. No pain. No infections. Initially, I went to the surgeon because my left ear was causing me to have a lot of pain. However, my right ear drum was worse than the left because it was nearly 90% perforated compared to the 30% in my left. So, the surgeon said he likes to do the worst ear first in case the ear rejects the graft. Then, you aren't damaging the good ear. Well my bad ear is fixed but the ear that was actually aching nearly 24/7 is ready to be done too.

All of that boring explanation to tell you that I'm having my left ear done on Tuesday. This cold weather has done a number on me. I have to wear cotton in my ears when walking in and out of work because the air is painful. I'll be happy when this is over and I finally have 2 ears that don't hurt on a regular basis. I'm much more prepared this time around. I have planned to take Tuesday-Tuesday off then we'll see what happens from there. Sadly, I'm kind of looking forward to spending several days in bed with no responsibilities. No one can ask anything of me and I can't be judged for not getting out of bed. I kind of need this break.

Things I'm not looking forward to:
Not washing my hair for 5 days.
Swelling which makes brushing my teeth very difficult.
Coming out of anesthesia. I struggle and it takes FOREVER.
Not eating after Midnight, yet my surgery is at 1 pm.
Ear drops.
Packing in my ear for a month.
Not being able to blow my nose for a month.

Honestly, it will be worth it in the long run. So, I have a couple months of hell ahead of me but I'll get through it. I've been taking some outfit photos and I hope to set up a few posts this weekend so you have something to read next week. If I'm MIA, you can probably find me checking in on Twitter and Instagram. I'm going to give it hell in the gym this weekend and Monday because the last thing I'll want to do is hit the treadmill after this is done. I'm shooting for getting back to the gym the week of Feb. 11th. Cross your fingers for me!

Have a great weekend Dolls!! I'm getting a pedi today so my feet aren't disgusting on Tuesday.



WIWW - The Extremely Cold Edition

Ladies it's COLD in Ohio. Like 4 degrees when I leave for work and negatives with wind chill. Not cool Mother Nature. My face was frozen after walking to my car last night. This is my outfit from yesterday and I definitely had the layers going on!

Sweater: Ralph Lauren
Skirt: Forever 21
Leggings: American Eagle
Boots: Gianni Bini
Scarf: gift

You will all be happy to know that I finally remembered to charge my camera battery last night. So, the iPhone photos will end very soon! This outfit kept me so warm yesterday. I have some cute new tops I would love to wear but I've been living in sweaters. This cold stuff can end any time!

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy again today.


Have a great Wednesday Dolls!



Moisturize Moisturize

First, let me apologize for being MIA last week. Work life got out of hand and I didn't have the energy to blog. I only spent 18 hours of the 40 hour work week in my office. So many meetings and eight hours of proctoring left me stretched pretty thin.

But, I have a great product to review for you today so at least I'm back with something worthwhile!

I read somewhere that Dr.Oz recommends this moisturizer. (I can't remember where...sorry. Let's be honest it was probably Pinterest.) I typically buy L'Oreal or occasionally something from Sephora. So, I spend at a minimum $20 on my moisturizer. I don't mind spending more money on my face care products because I want to be 80 with a great skin. There's nothing wrong with that, right?! I was in Walmart the other day getting another sports bra and picking up my fav astringent and thought I would look for the St. Ives Timeless Skin moisturizer. To my surprise it was less than $5 and is a 10 oz container. Not kidding this could last years.

The scent isn't my favorite. But, that fades within a few minutes so I can get past it. The texture reminds me of one of my favorite moisturizers, Hope in a Jar by Philosophy. It is very creamy and not greasy. I have combination skin but I run more on the oily side so I'm not a big fan of things that make me more oily and this does not. Score one for St. Ives. I have been using it day and night for about a week. So far so good! I wear BB Cream every day. I apply this and let it set up before applying my BB Cream. It goes on great.

To give you another reference, my brother's skin tends to get dry at times. He works in a gym and showers more than anyone I know. Not kidding...who showers before working out just so they can shower again in an hour and a half, also he showered before bed so how are you that dirty?! I will never understand but that's not the point. (Maybe it's my intense hatred of washing my hair that prevents me from showering 3 times a day...who knows!) So, his face can get dried out. I had him try this moisturizer and he seems to be a fan. Granted he's a guy and has no concept of what moisturizer costs and the difference between A and B but he said it's helping.

So there ya have it. My latest cheap find that actually works well! Walmart has been coming through for me lately. If any of you decide to try this, please let me know what you think!

Have a great Tuesday Dolls!



I found a great deal...by accident

I change into my workout clothes before I leave work. It saves me some time and then I'm not throwing elbows to get a treadmill. Yesterday, I changed like I do every day...only to find I forgot my sports bra. (It was sitting on my bedroom floor when I got home.) To go home for it would have resulted in a 30 minute round trip ordeal and I wasn't ok with that. Again, I'd definitely be throwing elbows to get a treadmill. So, I decided to stop at Walmart. It's about a block from the gym and it would be an easy fix. I figured I'd find a cotton sports bra and I probably wouldn't like it but it would get the job done. I was wrong.

Enter this neon pink beauty. I believe it is this one

So, this was $9.94. Let me say it fits and feels just like my VSX sports bra that I got at the semi-annual last year. Seriously. It fit snug (but not too tight), didn't move and was comfortable. All wins in my book. Plus, I freaking love the color of it.

I think I'm going back to get it in black and white. I can never have too many sports bras and I'm finding it's time to retire a few of them. I'm open to trying any brand and I'm so glad I found this.

They also had some really cute workout tops for $5 so I picked one of those up too. I'll let you know what I think after I wear it.

P.S. I overheard some Junior High/High School aged girls talking in the locker room after swim practice. I have a new found respect for my bestie that teaches that age. I was annoyed after 30 seconds. Clearly, I'm not ready to be dealing with that behavior!



WIWW - The iPhone photo edition

For real ladies, I need to charge my camera. I never think about it when I'm actually in my house and able to do it. I'm setting a reminder on my phone.

I haven't done a WIWW in quite a while and I liked my outfit today. It's comfy and easy to wear. I really really really wanted a picture of yesterday's outfit. However, I go straight to the gym after work and I have been functioning at a snail's pace all week so getting ready in time for photos was not in the cards. I snapped a couple on my phone but they aren't the best.

I think I should add another resolution to my list....get my photo taking skills under control. This is just sad!

Flourescent overhead lighting is really flattering. (read with sarcasm) I wore heels for the first time in probably 2 months. My foot feels so much better. I will still ease back into the day to day 3 inch heels but I'm happy that I can start wearing them again.

Cardigan: J Crew "Jackie"
Top: American Eagle
Tank: Forever 21
Skirt: Banana Republic
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Unlisted by Kenneth Cole (as seen here)

Top: J Crew
Skirt: Forever 21
Leggings: American Eagle
Boots: Gianni Bini
Necklace: Kay Jewelry (gift from my dad)
Bracelets: Handmade

I had every intention to straighten my hair this morning. I even washed it last night so it would be dry. Then my alarm went off...I thought an additional 30 minutes of sleep was more important. Enter the extremely messy bun thing and glasses. Plus it's raining, why would I want to spend the time on my hair?! I was just being practical. :)

I promise to get my act together and take real photos soon. I need a tripod. That's the only good solution. Taking outfit photos when it's dark doesn't help matters. Thanks to Winter in Ohio...I'll be taking photos in the dark for a while!

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy again today.

pleated poppy

Have a fantastic Wednesday Dolls!



Make-up Update

I feel like we haven't talked make-up in a while. Over the holidays, I bought a new foundation and I really like it so far.

I have been dying to try this foundation for quite some time. I still had my Diorskin Nude foundation and I wasn't going to try anything until it was finished. At $50 a pop, I'm going to use it all! Benefit's Hello Flawless! Oxygen Wow liquid foundation is very light. It goes on super smooth and blends wonderfully. I actually purchased it at Macy's instead of Sephora which breaks my heart slightly. I mean I could have gotten some serious points for this stuff! But, Jenn and I were at Macy's so I had the girl color match me. My color is "I'm So Money Honey" and it is a perfect match. I have been using this for a couple of weeks and I'm definitely a fan. I still love my Dior (which is a heavier coverage). When I was breaking out constantly I needed something heavier but now that my skin is cooperating I don't need a ton of foundation. This makes me incredibly happy!

Nars is one of my favorite brands. I think I hit up the Benefit section and then go straight to Nars every time I walk in Sephora. I wanted a new highlighter. I have been using High Beam for quite a while but I wanted a powder as opposed to the liquid. High Beam has a pink tint to it and I wanted something more neutral. I read Katie's post about Nars Albatross and knew that's what I needed to try. I have had this for several weeks and I really like it! It took me a minute to figure out how much I wanted to apply. Also, I was using a fan brush at first but it wasn't cutting it so I switch to my blush brush and now I feel like I have more control. The photo doesn't do it justice because there is a lot of shimmer in there. I recommend looking at Katie's post, she sampled it on her hand so you have a better idea of what you would be working with! My camera is dead so I didn't have a chance to take good quality photos of it.

I'm certain that I have purchased more make-up since our last round up so I need to go back and review! Have any of you added any great new products to make-up bag lately? I'd love to hear about them!



My First Polka

I attended my first polka dance with my besties this weekend. Jill's dad is in a polka band. My other friends have attended this dance before but this was my first time. It was seriously a blast. I didn't get a workout in that day but I'm pretty sure I burnt a TON of calories on the dance floor. The best part...my best friend got ENGAGED!! I'm so unbelievably excited. Ren and I missed the actual proposal because we didn't get the memo to go out to the dance floor. So, we were doing jello shots and chatting. Oh well! We saw the video!

Rennie = my better half.

The 2 best friends that anyone could have! (Read that in the Alan voice from The Hangover.) Jill will be a beautiful bride!

This sums things up perfectly. 

She has some bling on that finger now!! :)

Ren is polka-ing...she's so fast, she's blurry. 

I mean check out that foot! 

The HAPPY COUPLE!! Matt is stuck with us now!

Congrats Jilla Jilla!! If this dance says anything about the ambiance of her wedding, well let's just say we're all in for a really really good time! 

My outfit: Top - New York and Co; Skirt - Forever 21; Tights - Hue; Watch - Michael Kors; Bracelets - J Crew and Banana Republic

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!



New Glasses!

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by the company Firmoo about trying a pair of their glasses. I jumped on the chance because I love getting new frames (despite the fact that I've had the same ones for 2 years). After a lot of browsing, I decided to get something slightly similar but with a twist. 

So, these probably look really similar to my purple ones but the frame is a little bigger and boxier and they are thicker across the bridge of my nose. I look best in thick plastic frames so I stuck with that category. 

They came in a really nice case which is fantastic! Little things like this really make me happy. 

Ok, so please ignore my sweatiness and workout gear. The NYE resolution is in full effect so this is what I look like after work and typically that's the only time I wear my glasses unless I'm lazy! :)

I felt like Firmoo's service was fantastic. The glasses came quickly (however my review was delayed due to my holiday hiatus). I really like the frames. I think I might have been slightly off on my pupillary distance though. Bummer. It wasn't printed on my script from the eye doctor so I measured it myself. It's manageable though!

Firmoo has a first pair free program! You will get the first pair free by only paying shipping. Great deal, right?! They have a variety of styles and shapes. I recommend that all of my fellow four eyed friends check it out. :) It never hurts to have a spare pair of glasses laying around.

Thank you Firmoo for cute new frames!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend Dolls! I'm off to Cleveland to party it up with my besties. I'm going to my first polka dance...ahhh!!! Be prepared for hysterical photos on Monday.


I was sent the glasses for review and all opinions are my own.



New Years Resolutions...what are your thoughts? I rarely stick to them. I'm kind of awful at it. But, I also don't normally write them down or have daily reminders of them. This will change this year. I'm going to post them at work and in my bedroom so I can make it happen.

My first resolution (I got the idea from Pinterest), I am going to put a dollar in a jar after every workout I do this year. One, it will hold me accountable. Two, at the end of the year I can buy myself something that I have been lusting after. Right now, that something is the Marc Jacobs "Classic Q Hillier" Hobo. Obviously, it's more than the possible $364 (I missed New Years Day - my gym was closed and I couldn't walk due to CrossFit.) I will save over the next year. But, I will have Christmas money so I can put that towards the rest. This gift could change over the course of the year but I think having something to look forward to will also keep me motivated.

The next two are on my 30 by 30 List:
-Read 5 of the 100 books on the top 100 novels everyone should read list.
-Watch 5 of the 100 movies on the 100 movies you should see before you die list.

Obviously, I turn 30 this year so ALL of the things on the list should at least be attempted but I'm trying to be realistic. Some of them may carry over to a 30 while 30 list!

I would also like to do at least 1 random act of kindness for a stranger each month. It doesn't have to be huge. Just something that will make someone smile or help them in some way. I felt great after donating to the Sandy relief fund. I heard on the radio that the Conn. PTA was collecting snowflakes for Sandy Hook so they could decorate the new building with them when the students returned. So, I made all of my co-workers help me make paper snowflakes during our holiday carry-in. We had so much fun and everyone was so glad we did it. I think we should do more things like that!

I'm confident 2013 will be the best year yet. I'm turning 30. It's a big deal! I'm determined to be in the best shape of my life. Which hopefully will cross off the 1/2 marathon on my 30 by 30 list.

Do you make resolutions? Or just long term/short term goals to work towards? I think goal setting is great. If you made any resolutions or set any goals, feel free to share them!




Yes, I have been seriously MIA. I'm a slacker for sure. A lot of things happened in the two weeks leading up to Christmas and it took me away from the ol' bloggy. Then, the holidays came and I was on the move for days. So, I have a few pics to recap some of my time away.

Tyson, Tristan and Reagan at Christmas with my grandparents. The girls said they wanted to wear their hair like Lauren did at the wedding. So cute!! 

Braxton found one of his Christmas presents before it was wrapped. Notice the holes in the bag. We'll get back to that later. He's on my list! 

Chloe doesn't play toys. We tried. Ha! 

Christmas Vacation and lots of presents. I love the holidays! 

The past two years my dad has taken it upon himself to buy all of us a gift because he thinks we know everything we are getting. This is usually 90% true. But, my parents can't just buy us gifts anymore. We're all too picky. So, this year my dad got my sister and I these beautiful necklaces. I love it!! 

I picked these out. (My dad might be on to something.) But, 6pm.com had a HUGE sale on 12-12-12 so I got two new pairs of flats. These are made my Aldo. I'm a fan! 

My sister and I are obsessed with the show FRIENDS. We have every season on dvd and I can fall asleep to it every night because I know exactly what's happening without watching it. That sounds kind of sad...oh well! Lauren was in NJ for a work conference and they went to NYC on the last day. She got me the Central Perk tote bag and He's her lobster t shirt. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. 

Ok, my little man has become incredibly destructive. This is one small example. He's pretty fast when he chews things because I kicked him out when he was sniffing around this bag and I didn't see him go back in the room and then this happened. He also chewed through a VS bra strap. Seriously not happy with him. If anyone has any pointers on how to deal with this, I'm open to suggestions. I don't know what to do with him.

He got so many new toys for Christmas. You would think that would keep him occupied. Nope. He chewed through the black and white toy within 6 hours of receiving it. It had to be thrown away because I was afraid he would eat the stuffing. It's not like he just chews. He swallows it. I need HELP!!

We got hit by A LOT of this crap. I'm talking Blizzard like conditions. Snowed in for 2 days. Gross. If I'm going to be snowed in, I should at least be getting snow days for it! 

What do you do when you're snowed in for 2 days?? You clean your closet. I was having a panic attack because it was a DISASTER. Also, if anyone has a recommendation for a great shoe rack that holds a lot of shoes and doesn't take up a lot of space, please let me know. The entire right side of my closet is shoe boxes...full of shoes. I have a sickness!

NYE was spent with the Hopkins Fam. I don't know the last time I had a sober New Years. Seriously, it had to be before college. Addy loved the grape juice. Zeke not so much. We had a great time though and I was grateful I didn't have a hangover yesterday.

I went to my first CrossFit workout on Monday. It was a lot of fun. I couldn't move yesterday. For real, it's not good when it hurts to get pump lotion out of the bottle.

I promise to pay more attention to all of you! I haven't had time to read any blogs either so it's my goal to catch up this week. I hope to get some OOTDs together this week because I have plenty of new clothes! Also made some new make-up purchases that I want to review for you! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year. Maybe I'll try to do a resolution post this week too. I'm going to incorporate some of my 30 by 30 list items into my resolutions.

Have a great Wednesday Ladies!!