Weekend Recovery

I went to OU this past weekend. Jill's brother turned 21 so we were shuffling (aka a bar crawl) to celebrate. We had 20 bars on the list...you do the math. I actually felt great, stuck to my game plan and left Athens sans hangover. But, I haven't had a chance to upload my pictures yet so I'll give you a proper recap soon. Seriously, my bag is still partially packed on my bedroom floor so I'm lacking motivation. Plus, Rennie is visiting this weekend so I need to get things going. AHH!

Instead of unpacking and uploading pictures last night, I did this.

I kind of love this little bugger! He kept standing on my nightstand and attacking my calendar so I forced him to sit with me. He wasn't pleased. He needs to learn to open his mouth and project. Because that little noise is just funny!

Have a great Tuesday ladies!