So Fresh and So Clean

Anna over at Fash Boulevard and Allison (aka PLL) over at Pink Lou Lou participated in the Sleep Naked Twitter party with Swisspers. (I know there were several bloggers participating in the Twitter Party but these are the two that I follow and that I can remember.) If you don't know Swisspers, I guarantee you have seen their products at the drugstore. They make facial cleansing products, etc. I really like their cotton balls. They are large and dense and I don't feel like I need 12 of them to get the job done. PLL brought these little beauties to my attention.

They have little scrubbers on one side and the other side is smooth. I bought them right away and I have to say I will NEVER use anything different. We've discussed my skin care difficulties on more than one occasion but things are cooperating for the time being (knock on wood). I like to try different products (when I know my skin won't totally freak out). I don't use just one thing; I currently have 4 different face washes in my shower. I recently went old school (like back to my college days) and purchased Clean and Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub. It still gets the job done. I like to use an astringent after my shower to make sure I didn't miss anything. I use the scrub side and it seems to work fabulously!

I felt like I had to share this little gem with my Ladies! I still use a cotton ball on my eyes with my fav eye makeup remover because I personally just prefer to use a cotton ball on my eyes.

Have any of you tried Swisspers products? Is there another brand that makes something similar that you really enjoy?

Have a great Thursday Ladies! It's been a strange week. I had Monday off and Tuesday was straight up bizarre. I'm not sure why but I was happy when the day ended! We get a short week next week too! AHHH!! I love the holiday season!


P.S. This post isn't sponsored, I just really really like their products! :)

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