Friday's Letters - #1

This is my first Friday's Letters! I'm excited to try another link up. Let's dive in...

Dear Braxton, Your snuggles are the best. I don't understand why I have to force you to do it sometimes. Just snuggle with your mother, please! Plus, you are probably the cutest ever. I love your mustache face. It's crazy to think that a year ago I would have NEVER thought of getting a kitten and now I'm the craziest of crazy cat ladies. :)

If you thought I could mention my cat child and not show a picture, you clearly know nothing about me!

Dear Thanksgiving, I'm excited to indulge in your deliciousness. I am looking forward to cooking with my dad and spending time with my family before my mom, Sister, Jenn and I partake in Black Friday insanity at the Outlet Mall.

Dear College Basketball, I'm beyond thrilled about your return to my life. Don't worry college football...you will still be my main focus on Saturday's for several more weeks.

Dear fasciitis, you can go away now. For real...just go away. This wearing flats 24/7 crap is for the birds. I miss my 3 inch heels and long pants. Also, you are putting a damper on my workouts and I'm kind of over you.

Dear Blog World, I am blessed to be able to connect with so many awesome ladies through you. I feel like I make a new friend every time I get a new follower or find a new blog. You're kind of the bomb.

Have a great weekend Ladies! I'm baking for a Thanksgiving carry-in at work on Monday. I'll report back with recipes!!




  1. Haha- that mustache face is seriously adorable! :)

    The blog world is awesome... so glad I found yours!!

  2. What a cute kitty! I never thought I would own dogs, but now I have 2 and I want a bunch more (in my mind at least)...so I totally get the whole crazy cat lady feeling!