Black Friday Success!!

First, I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Mine was amazing. A year ago, my sister had to stay in Tennessee at the very last minute because we found out Nik was coming home from his deployment on Thanksgiving Day. So, she was at the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving and called me in a panic. It was great having them with us this year.

We go to an outlet mall for Black Friday. I'm not trying to deal with Toys R Us or Best Buy. I want to go to the J Crew Factory store and get the the entire store 50% off. That's my idea of a good time! :) We hit up J Crew, Banana Republic, Gap, Nike, Under Armour, Tommy Hilfiger, Old Navy, American Eagle, Finish Line, Carters and I'm sure I'm missing something. My mom, my sister, my bestie Jenn and I go. We stop at Bob Evans before heading home. It's quite the ritual at this point. 

Here are the things I purchased for myself.

I'm kind of obsessed with this sweater. I might need another one. This the AE Open Stitch Cable Sweater

This is my third Jackie Cardigan from J Crew. They are my favorite. If you love cardigans as much as I do, I recommend trying this one! 

My sister actually bought these for herself but they were too tight so she gave them to me. Score! Thank you Nike outlet. The color didn't photograph well. The shorts are actually more green.

I finally got some AE leggings. I have been dying for the printed ones. (I actually got them on Saturday, AE was still having a 40% off sale at the mall and I had to get them. I also bought the socks and rings on Saturday.) I bought the grey pair and my mom bought me the polka dot pair for Christmas. She also got me a chambray shirt that I wish I had now! 

I love these Nike socks. I'm a freak about my running socks. They can't be too thick but they can't move around.These are the perfect combination! AE has some seriously cute socks! Check them out here.

I have been on a mission to find a pair of sweatpants that actually fit me properly. I change for the gym before I leave for work because when the weather gets cold you might have to throw some bows to get a treadmill, so I need to be able to jump right on when I get there. We have a pretty far walk from our building to the employee parking lot and I'm not trying to get hypothermia. I found these in the youth section at Nike. They are a youth large...not even an XL. How sad is that?? And yes, I love them and wish I had gotten them in pink too because I was too comfy to take them off to be photographed. They were only $20. 

Do you love the rings as much as I do? They remind me of The Hunger Games! Another AE 40% off purchase! 

Jenn recommended the headbands. There is also a black/grey one but it's on my head. :) Jenn said they don't move at all and I'm trusting her judgment. They fit tight and have rubber lining the inside. I wore one all day yesterday and only had to adjust it twice. That's really good for me! Plus they were only $8 so it's worth a shot. 

I also finished shopping for my brother, Nik, the twins and their brother. I have already finished shopping for my sister. I have to pick up my parents gifts, a couple of things for Jenn and a finish the gifts for her kids. I'm in really good shape! I'm hoping to have it finished this weekend or next.

For those of you that did not watch "The Game" on Saturday. I think this photo says it all...

The Urban Era has officially begun and it resulted in a 12-0 season. If only some stupid NCAA sanctions hadn't banned them from the Big Ten Championship and a Bowl Game. They won the Leaders Division outright and Urban bought the guys shirts, hats and said he would see to it that they get rings. That's the kind of coach I love. Now I can shift my focus to Basketball! :)

Have a great Monday ladies! This week will be rough. A 5 day week after a 3 day week is PAINFUL! But, I'll be in Athens this weekend with my favorites!


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  1. It looks like you found some great pieces! I am so envious of the black Friday sales you have in the US!