Mission Accomplished!

Well, we did it!

The woman in Dillard's thought we were insane. Not kidding. Jenn screamed when she found it. There were two boxes and we snatched them up. It is definitely delicious. I'm happy with the purchase. I also picked up some pumpkin spice because it's necessary right now. Jenn texted me a picture of her coffee this morning saying Yum! Well, I texted back with a picture of my coffee that happened to be in the exact same Starbucks mug. We basically read each others minds. Best friend love at it's finest.

It was an all around successful shopping trip.

I managed to get an entire outfit. The capris are awesome! A neon orange workout shirt cannot be passed up and that sports bra was surprisingly comfortable so I had to get it too. 

I was sold when I saw the thick waist band on the capris. I got an XS and they fit perfectly. I'm looking forward to running in them. 

Lastly, my immersion blender. They had a rainbow of colors which made it that much more exciting. I went with Aqua. I considered the purple too. I cannot wait to make my first smoothie!

Ok Ladies, have a great weekend!! I'm going to look into ordering my iPhone 5 tomorrow!! My phone is so old. I'm still rocking the 3GS. Yep...OLD. It is starting to show it's age too so before it completely dies I need to get something!


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  1. The orange workout shirt is perfect for fall - and I love the aqua color of your blender. What a good shopping day!