Leggings and Chunky Knits

Leggings...Love. Chunky knits/oversized sweaters...Love. Comfy boots...Love.

Basically, this is an outfit I could live in because it is so comfortable. There are times that I think I'm too old to shop at American Eagle. This is probably true. But, when you're the size of a pre-teen/teen I think it's acceptable. So, I shop there anyway. I'm sucker for comfy sweaters, cute scarves and easy to wear Summer tops. AE gives me all of those things. Their current selection of printed leggings are killing me! I received a 15% off coupon in the mail yesterday. Believe me...I'll be using it!

I'm really dying for the fair isle print. I think they're adorable. This is where the dressing like a pre-teen comes in but I don't care! I dress like a professional 5 days a week. Give me the fair isle leggings on a Saturday afternoon!

I think the boots they're showing with the leggings are perfect too! 

A sweater like this will make for a great addition to the leggings. I like mine to cover my booty! Cardigans or sweaters both work for this look. I really love the second sweater because it has multicolored thread going through it. This gives you a lot to work with. Just be sure to accessorize!

If you choose a crazy printed pair of leggings, I would opt for a solid color scarf (like the white one above). Contrasting colors or a pop of bright color is fine. Just don't go too far...you don't want people thinking you're loony! I love the ikat printed scarf with the gray and black polka dot leggings and the multicolored sweater.

What are your thoughts on printed leggings? Should we leave it up to the younger generation or can we pull it off just as well?

My work life spiraled out of control this week. I nearly snapped on Tuesday but let's hope that's the last crisis during this course and I'm on the road to smooth sailing. I got my phone on Tuesday! I love it. I'm seriously the happiest girl. It is so fast. I hadn't updated to the iOS 6 software because I didn't think my phone could handle it. Which means there are a lot of new features for me to play with now! The weight and size of it is great. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Have a great day ladies!



  1. This is my all time favourite look for the fall. Great extra tips.
    Newest follower, hope you can check out my latest DIY and enter my contest.

  2. I love the first pair~ I'm currently contemplating making my first printed leggings purchase - the Levi's Legging in Gypsy Print