Happy Birthday To My Baby Boy!

Today is Braxton's first birthday. Seriously, where did the time go? Remember when I became a crazy cat lady? He was the cutest little baby. Here are some pictures for you!!

The left was the day I brought him home. I'm sorry but that little mustache face was irresistible.  The picture on the right was last week. This is his favorite spot right now. Straddling the computer chair.

He used to love to get on Cooper's back. Poor Coop! He did it again recently. I cracked up, took a picture then made him get off. 

One of his new birthday presents. There is a feather toy that hangs down and he has already figured out how to detach it so mom hid it for the time being. I'm afraid he'll eat. (I mean he did eat my hair ties.) So, he started hiding under the thing like I couldn't see him. 

He also got a ball that lights up when he plays with it. It's kind of loud...I didn't think this through.


I think he needs this costume. It's $5 at Target and I think that is $5 well spent if I can get him to wear it long enough for some pictures. He'll probably ignore me for days. He definitely gives me the stink eye when I make him do things he doesn't like.

There ya have it. My baby is 1 and I'm slightly devastated. I miss the fluffy haired baby I brought home but he is pretty awesome and has the greatest personality so I'll keep him!

Have a great weekend ladies!



  1. I have a pug puppy. She is almost a year old. Seriously, where does the time go & yes that mustache face would of been a deal breaker for me too LOL xo Inna


  2. I have two cats, but he REALLY was the cutest kitten! He's a handsome cat still, look at his beautiful coat of hair? I love it! Happy birthday to your kitty, and nice blog! :)