Bobcat For Life!

Just a quick post to brag about my Bobcats! First, the OU Bobcats upset Michigan in the first round of the NCAA tournament and eventually got beat by the UNC Tarheels in the Sweet 16. That was reason enough to brag. Let me tell you, watching the OU v Michigan game with my favorite Bobcats in a Bobcat owned bar in Cleveland was nothing short of amazing.

Now our football team is 7-0 and for the first time ever we are ranked in the BCS. Watching them beat Penn State for the season opener was pretty great. I'm a crazy obsessed sports fan. I scream, I swear, I clap my hands, I pray and I occasionally stomp away. They even have an article in Sports Illustrated. I know you're probably dying to read it but you have to be a subscriber to read it online. It gave me goosebumps because they describe Athens perfectly. It's my happy place so I love when it gets the respect it deserves. So, go stand in the magazine aisle of your favorite grocery store and read it. It's only a couple of pages!

We play our arch rival Miami this weekend. Let's go for 8-0 boys!! I'm going to try to tailgate for the game. Frank the Tank, we are glad that Nebraska gave you the boot. You are the best thing to ever happen to this program and we'll keep you as long as you want to stay!


That's all...what can I say I'm very proud of my school. Once you're a Bobcat, you're always a Bobcat!


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  1. came across your blog through Hungry Runner Girl's comments on stadium food. I'm a Bobcat too, but I live over the border in WV now. Now following your blog!