Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies

I did some baking this weekend and boy was it delicious! I pinned these delicious cookies last week and knew I had to make them right away.

Here is the recipe. I made a few modifications. I didn't have any dark brown sugar but I did have quite a bit of regular brown sugar. I had no desire to go to the grocery store for one item so regular brown sugar it is! She discusses using a flat bottom glass covered in the sugar mixture to flatten the cookies. I'm lazy so I didn't do that. I rolled them into a ball, rolled them in the sugar mixture and flattened them in my hands. Before I put them in the oven, I sprinkled the cookies with more of the sugar mixture.

The original version might look prettier but that's fine! This made a lot of cookies. As you can see they vary in size. That wasn't intentional. I was trying to hurry because I was baking during the OSU game and I had to have my back to the tv. You know this doesn't work well for me!

I used my Pampered Chef Small Scoop to dish out the dough. The recipe also states that you should refrigerate the dough for 1 hour. I didn't have the patience for that. So, I left the dough in my KitchenAid metal mixing bowl and put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes. It seemed to work well. Then, I put it in the refrigerator between batches to keep it firm. The KitchenAid never fails me! The bowl definitely kept things cold.

Overall, the cookies were a hit. My mom wanted me to put icing on them. I think they're fine without it!

Have a great Tuesday! I had to be at work at 7:30 am today. I will almost certainly be falling asleep later.



Happy Birthday To My Baby Boy!

Today is Braxton's first birthday. Seriously, where did the time go? Remember when I became a crazy cat lady? He was the cutest little baby. Here are some pictures for you!!

The left was the day I brought him home. I'm sorry but that little mustache face was irresistible.  The picture on the right was last week. This is his favorite spot right now. Straddling the computer chair.

He used to love to get on Cooper's back. Poor Coop! He did it again recently. I cracked up, took a picture then made him get off. 

One of his new birthday presents. There is a feather toy that hangs down and he has already figured out how to detach it so mom hid it for the time being. I'm afraid he'll eat. (I mean he did eat my hair ties.) So, he started hiding under the thing like I couldn't see him. 

He also got a ball that lights up when he plays with it. It's kind of loud...I didn't think this through.


I think he needs this costume. It's $5 at Target and I think that is $5 well spent if I can get him to wear it long enough for some pictures. He'll probably ignore me for days. He definitely gives me the stink eye when I make him do things he doesn't like.

There ya have it. My baby is 1 and I'm slightly devastated. I miss the fluffy haired baby I brought home but he is pretty awesome and has the greatest personality so I'll keep him!

Have a great weekend ladies!



Outfit Inspiration

I love pinning cute outfits and re-creating them. I recently pinned this great outfit.

The photo is linked back to the original Polyvore. I own the navy and white shirt from J Crew. (It is one of my favorites...I need more!) I don't own the exact J Crew sweater but I have Ralph Lauren crew neck in the same color. I paired it with my American Eagle Skinny Jean in Inky Black Indigo and my Gianni Bini boots with a mid length gold necklace. I have carried my Michael Kors Hamilton bag nearly every day since I got it.

I think this is a pretty close copy of this outfit. Too bad I don't have a picture of it. Next time I wear it, because let's face it that will happen, I will definitely take a picture of it!

I hope you all are having a great Wednesday! You can find me on Pinterest here.



Bobcat For Life!

Just a quick post to brag about my Bobcats! First, the OU Bobcats upset Michigan in the first round of the NCAA tournament and eventually got beat by the UNC Tarheels in the Sweet 16. That was reason enough to brag. Let me tell you, watching the OU v Michigan game with my favorite Bobcats in a Bobcat owned bar in Cleveland was nothing short of amazing.

Now our football team is 7-0 and for the first time ever we are ranked in the BCS. Watching them beat Penn State for the season opener was pretty great. I'm a crazy obsessed sports fan. I scream, I swear, I clap my hands, I pray and I occasionally stomp away. They even have an article in Sports Illustrated. I know you're probably dying to read it but you have to be a subscriber to read it online. It gave me goosebumps because they describe Athens perfectly. It's my happy place so I love when it gets the respect it deserves. So, go stand in the magazine aisle of your favorite grocery store and read it. It's only a couple of pages!

We play our arch rival Miami this weekend. Let's go for 8-0 boys!! I'm going to try to tailgate for the game. Frank the Tank, we are glad that Nebraska gave you the boot. You are the best thing to ever happen to this program and we'll keep you as long as you want to stay!


That's all...what can I say I'm very proud of my school. Once you're a Bobcat, you're always a Bobcat!



Leggings and Chunky Knits

Leggings...Love. Chunky knits/oversized sweaters...Love. Comfy boots...Love.

Basically, this is an outfit I could live in because it is so comfortable. There are times that I think I'm too old to shop at American Eagle. This is probably true. But, when you're the size of a pre-teen/teen I think it's acceptable. So, I shop there anyway. I'm sucker for comfy sweaters, cute scarves and easy to wear Summer tops. AE gives me all of those things. Their current selection of printed leggings are killing me! I received a 15% off coupon in the mail yesterday. Believe me...I'll be using it!

I'm really dying for the fair isle print. I think they're adorable. This is where the dressing like a pre-teen comes in but I don't care! I dress like a professional 5 days a week. Give me the fair isle leggings on a Saturday afternoon!

I think the boots they're showing with the leggings are perfect too! 

A sweater like this will make for a great addition to the leggings. I like mine to cover my booty! Cardigans or sweaters both work for this look. I really love the second sweater because it has multicolored thread going through it. This gives you a lot to work with. Just be sure to accessorize!

If you choose a crazy printed pair of leggings, I would opt for a solid color scarf (like the white one above). Contrasting colors or a pop of bright color is fine. Just don't go too far...you don't want people thinking you're loony! I love the ikat printed scarf with the gray and black polka dot leggings and the multicolored sweater.

What are your thoughts on printed leggings? Should we leave it up to the younger generation or can we pull it off just as well?

My work life spiraled out of control this week. I nearly snapped on Tuesday but let's hope that's the last crisis during this course and I'm on the road to smooth sailing. I got my phone on Tuesday! I love it. I'm seriously the happiest girl. It is so fast. I hadn't updated to the iOS 6 software because I didn't think my phone could handle it. Which means there are a lot of new features for me to play with now! The weight and size of it is great. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Have a great day ladies!



OOTD Round-Up

I haven't posted any OOTD's lately...so I have a few to share. I did a little shopping over the past few weeks and I plan to show you my purchases later this week. My new iPhone is supposed to be delivered today. Don't be surprised if I don't get around to posting anything tomorrow. Let's be serious, I'll probably spend my evening playing with the new phone. I'll let you know what I think!

Skirt: J Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt (if you don't have one...find them on sale and get one!)
Lace top: Target
Necklace: Banana Republic (old)
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets: Handmade
Rings: Forever 21
Shoes: Nine West

I first wore this outfit to my sister's second bridal shower thrown by Nik's mom and it has turned into one of my favorite outfits.

Flannel Shirt: American Eagle
Blue Undershirt: American Eagle
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: Guess

I finally got to wear my new boots and I'm definitely a fan! They are comfortable and really cute. 

Sweater: Forever 21
Cami: Forever 21
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: Gianni Bini (Dillard's end of season sale!)
Necklace: New York and Co
Watch: Michael Kors
Pearl Bracelet: J Crew (really really old - like bought it in college old)

As you can see I FINALLY got my hair cut. I was so over the ponytail. I had to get it thinned and layered because it was not manageable. It was taking me nearly 45 minutes to flat iron my hair and that just isn't going to happen. You could have made a wig for a small child out of the hair that was thinned out. My hair was so heavy and I felt like I lost a few pounds after that. My grandma trims my hair for me and her hair is thin and straight. I think it devastates her every time I have her thin my hair because she would give anything for my thick hair and I have to get rid of it.

I ran a 5k yesterday. I didn't run the entire thing but my time was where I expected it to be despite the intense winds. I need new shoes already so I borrowed a pair of Jenn's to try them out. I like the weight and feel of them but there was not enough arch support for my left foot and it's a little sore. My shoes are irritating my left foot so I'm pretty sure it would have been sore either way. I was 3rd in my age group...clearly there weren't that many women in my age group because I was not fast by any means! It was nice to get a medal though!

Alright Ladies, let's make it a good Monday! It's the last week with my current students so it's always a crazy time. Let's of proctoring and reading this week!



Target vs. Lululemon

I have been eying Lululemon workout gear for a long time. The price holds me back. A store recently opened in Cincinnati so Jenn and I have been discussing checking it out. I need to see what all of the talk is about! Over the weekend I went shopping with my mom and I went totally nuts in Target. Nothing unusual there but it was their workout gear that had me looking like a lunatic. The new C9 by Champion line is very Lulu inspired. (The link will direct you to the entire women's line.) I have pulled off a few of my favorites from the collection. All of the pictures will link back to the site.

The back of this 1/4 zip premium jacket is ridiculously cute. I couldn't get the picture to copy from the site so you'll have to check it out. This jacket is $39.99.

The cardio tank with inner bra comes in a variety of colors. I like this one because of the neon lining. The prices vary from $14.44 - $16.99.

Ok, this is one of the items I went nuts over.  The cowl neck hooded layering top looks like the most comfortable thing on the planet and it's only $24.99.

I purchased this sports bra. It's reversible and the inside is brighter than it appears here. I wore it on Sunday and it is very comfortable and is $14.99

Ok, this shirt is the cutest and really reminds of Lulu. I think it is the pattern and seams of the shirt that do it for me. $24.99

Can you tell I love 1/4 zip pullovers and anything neon?? This comes in assorted colors and is only $24.99 but I of course would want the neon!

The seamless racerback tank is currently on sale for $16.98. There are assorted colors in this as well.

So there are a few of my favorite items from the new C9 by Champion line. Have any of you tried the new line yet? I'm hoping to go back in a week or two to get a few things. As much as I wanted to buy something I refrained because I had just ordered my new iPhone 5 a few hours before going. I couldn't rationalize buying 3 pullovers and a couple of running tanks after dropping a few hundred dollars. But, my new phone will be here in 2-3 weeks. I'm already scoping out my new cover. I want to have it ordered and waiting when the phone arrives! My current iPhone is a 3GS....it's basically a dinosaur and freezes constantly. I have been holding out for a quite a while!

I hope you all have a great Tuesday! I'll be spending my evening watching the Reds sweep the Giants. Too bad the game will start while I'm working out...I guess I will have to plant myself directly in front of the tv tonight!



Mission Accomplished!

Well, we did it!

The woman in Dillard's thought we were insane. Not kidding. Jenn screamed when she found it. There were two boxes and we snatched them up. It is definitely delicious. I'm happy with the purchase. I also picked up some pumpkin spice because it's necessary right now. Jenn texted me a picture of her coffee this morning saying Yum! Well, I texted back with a picture of my coffee that happened to be in the exact same Starbucks mug. We basically read each others minds. Best friend love at it's finest.

It was an all around successful shopping trip.

I managed to get an entire outfit. The capris are awesome! A neon orange workout shirt cannot be passed up and that sports bra was surprisingly comfortable so I had to get it too. 

I was sold when I saw the thick waist band on the capris. I got an XS and they fit perfectly. I'm looking forward to running in them. 

Lastly, my immersion blender. They had a rainbow of colors which made it that much more exciting. I went with Aqua. I considered the purple too. I cannot wait to make my first smoothie!

Ok Ladies, have a great weekend!! I'm going to look into ordering my iPhone 5 tomorrow!! My phone is so old. I'm still rocking the 3GS. Yep...OLD. It is starting to show it's age too so before it completely dies I need to get something!



Mission: Find this coffee!

Jenn and I have been trying to find this coffee for over a week.

I can find it online but not in any store and as of last week it wasn't on Keurig's website. I need to try this. So, Jenn and I are going to Kohl's and Dillard's today in hopes of finding it. We may even try a different Walmart. I was talking to my sister last night and I mentioned this coffee...apparently they have it at her Walmart in TN. BOOOO! She has been enjoying the deliciousness for 2 weeks. Now I really need to find it. If we have no luck, I'm going to Bed Bath and Beyond this weekend.

While at Kohl's, I'm going to look at some of these. 

The weather is getting cooler. I need some running capris. I have been really good this week. I went to the Y Saturday, took a break Sunday because I was walking like I had braces on my legs and couldn't bend my knees, and I ran Monday-Wednesday. Making progress folks! I have my 30th birthday next year and I'm determined to be in the best shape of my life. It's happening.

I'm also going to look at one of these. I bought my sister and Nik one for their wedding gift and kind of wanted to keep it for myself. So, I think it's time I get one!

Have any of you tried any new k-cups that I need to put on my list?? I'm always looking for something new! I hope you all have a great day!



Long Sleeve Weather

It's officially long sleeve weather. I'm kind of excited about this! I love the Summer but if I can't have 80 degree weather year round, then I'll take the Fall. Skinny jeans, tall boots, thick socks, long sleeve shirts, over-sized sweaters...it all makes me smile! Old Navy has some great shirts right now. You can't really beat the price. I feel like Old Navy can be hit or miss but right now they are pretty spot on. I plan to try some stuff on this weekend. Here are a few of my favorites. I can see all of them with a pair of great skinnies. Some would look great layered under a cardi or great sweater.

All of these can be found here.

The sleeveless shirt was just too cute and I have a J Crew Jackie cardigan that would look great over it! I think the second shirt would look great with my Ugg Kensingtons.

What is your favorite? Are you looking forward to Fall and all of the fabulous clothes?

Ladies, I turned in a HUGE project on Monday. My life is returning to normal. I still have a couple of weeks of chaos but the regular blogging will be back up and running! I'm looking forward to getting caught up on all of your blogs too!