The Wedding Part 2

I hope you are enjoying the recaps so far! This should be the last photo post until we get the pro pictures. Today it's ceremony pictures and a few from the reception. My aunt took a ton of pictures so I'm hoping she does some massive uploading soon. I'm sure she has some great reception shots!

This was right before the girls starting picking the petals back up!

Chase and I...I almost started crying. This was taken right as I was taking a deep breath.

Jason and Jes

Mitchell and Martina

My brother Ty and Sarah

Moats and Maddie

Mom and Ty

Nik's first look at Lauren

Tristan reached up and held my hand. I couldn't look at anyone during the entire ceremony. I would have lost it. I just kept looking down at the girls or over at some of Nik's family that I didn't know. My cousin Jess was crying from the very beginning. I saw her as soon as I got up there and from then on I couldn't look at anyone. 

Husband and Wife

Notice Reagan's face. My grandma told them that Lauren and Nik were going to kiss and they couldn't believe it. She is looking at my grandma in this picture!

We saw this on Pinterest. It is seriously going to be the cutest picture ever! Their older brother Tyson wanted to do it too. 

Don't worry...I cried through the entire thing. They danced to Little Miss Magic by Jimmy Buffett. My dad loves Jimmy Buffett so it took the song to a different level. Moats had to comfort me because I had huge tears running down my face. He couldn't understand why I was crying so much. Maddie, Martina and I were blubbering idiots! 

The Ohio University Bobcats picture! The photographer told us to take some drinking pics! He had us figured out pretty quickly! 

Bestie and I! My necklace and earrings are from Charming Charlie. Lauren's bracelets and earrings are from there as well. 

If you can have a photo booth at your wedding...YOU SHOULD! It was amazing! So much fun. They have people putting the photos in a scrapbook for the couple and you can write a message. Then, they send you home with a copy. These are Jenn's copies! We have several on the refrigerator. I laugh every time I walk by! 

I'm going to go over our make-up / hair routine tomorrow. I had the BEST mascara EVER! No running whatsoever!



  1. Those flower girls are so stinkin' cute! I can't wait to see the professional photo of them hiding under your sister's dress. What a fabulous wedding!

  2. Oh my goodness, the flower girls are so cute! Melts my heart. What a beautiful wedding and a gorgeous bride - can't wait to see the professional photos!!

  3. My bridesmaids wore yellow dresses also :) We thought it was such a fun way to incorporate the color, which also happens to be my favorite! xoxo, e

  4. beautiful wedding!

    Following your blog now! Would love it if you would follow back (: