Wedding Day Make-Up/Hair

I was incredibly happy with my wedding day make-up. I kept it very natural and just enhanced what I normally do (i.e. a little more eyeliner, etc.). I sent the one and only Pink Lou Lou an email about mascara. I needed something that wouldn't run down my face because I knew there would be tears. Girl hooked me up! Here's the breakdown ladies!

*All photos link back to the site. 

I stuck with old faithful when it came to my foundation. I have been using this for a while and it doesn't disappoint. I don't typically wear foundation in the summer but I wanted an even look for the photos.  I use #30...in case you were wondering!

I rationalized buying this $50 palette because it could be used by everyone on the big day. Sister and I both used it so money well spent. I did my lid in Suspect and my corner/crease in Tease. I might have used a little Busted too. I can't remember! 

I used both Romantic Rose and 

Pink Flush on my cheeks. I like to use Romantic Rose first and then dust over it with Pink Flush so it isn't too much. Pink Flush reminds me a lot of NARS Orgasm. 

This is where PLL hooked me up! She swears by this and now I do too. You coat your lashes in the white mascara first and then the black. I did some trial runs before the big day and found that I needed to do the white and immediately add my black because if the white sat too long it would get clumpy and I HATE clumpy eyelashes. So, I did one eye at a time and it worked great! When you wash your face this comes off like little tubes. No Running. Any event that might involve tears or sweating will now require this mascara! I'm obsessed! 

My lip stain was Stila Yumberry Crush. It is the perfect pink. My sister and several of the BM's used it as well. 

I topped the stain with my fave Glamour Gloss - Barely Legal. It was a great combo!

Also, I used the BB Cream and e.l.f. Mist and Set (here) as well as e.l.f. HD powder (here) to complete my look.

I said I would go over my hair but I realized I don't have any great pictures of it. I did a side messy bun. There was a braid coming down the side and the back was twisted a couple of different ways to get everything up. I used the bottom right picture as inspiration. It comes from PLL Simply Flawless page. She does hair and make-up ladies. If you're in the KY area...hit her up!

Lauren's sister-in-law Jes took some great pictures and posted them on her blog. If you look at anything, please look at the picture of my sister post-extensions/pre-hair being curled. YOU.WILL.DIE. We have discussed my nappy hair on more than one occasion and sister has the same issue. So, picture nappy/curly hair with long straight extensions mixed in...HILARIOUS. The before and after is quite the transformation. Nik's reaction to the photo: "This is why we didn't see each other before the ceremony." Gotta love him! 

I think that about covers it for anything wedding related. Well...until we get some pro pictures that I can share with you! I hope you're all having a great week!



The Wedding Part 2

I hope you are enjoying the recaps so far! This should be the last photo post until we get the pro pictures. Today it's ceremony pictures and a few from the reception. My aunt took a ton of pictures so I'm hoping she does some massive uploading soon. I'm sure she has some great reception shots!

This was right before the girls starting picking the petals back up!

Chase and I...I almost started crying. This was taken right as I was taking a deep breath.

Jason and Jes

Mitchell and Martina

My brother Ty and Sarah

Moats and Maddie

Mom and Ty

Nik's first look at Lauren

Tristan reached up and held my hand. I couldn't look at anyone during the entire ceremony. I would have lost it. I just kept looking down at the girls or over at some of Nik's family that I didn't know. My cousin Jess was crying from the very beginning. I saw her as soon as I got up there and from then on I couldn't look at anyone. 

Husband and Wife

Notice Reagan's face. My grandma told them that Lauren and Nik were going to kiss and they couldn't believe it. She is looking at my grandma in this picture!

We saw this on Pinterest. It is seriously going to be the cutest picture ever! Their older brother Tyson wanted to do it too. 

Don't worry...I cried through the entire thing. They danced to Little Miss Magic by Jimmy Buffett. My dad loves Jimmy Buffett so it took the song to a different level. Moats had to comfort me because I had huge tears running down my face. He couldn't understand why I was crying so much. Maddie, Martina and I were blubbering idiots! 

The Ohio University Bobcats picture! The photographer told us to take some drinking pics! He had us figured out pretty quickly! 

Bestie and I! My necklace and earrings are from Charming Charlie. Lauren's bracelets and earrings are from there as well. 

If you can have a photo booth at your wedding...YOU SHOULD! It was amazing! So much fun. They have people putting the photos in a scrapbook for the couple and you can write a message. Then, they send you home with a copy. These are Jenn's copies! We have several on the refrigerator. I laugh every time I walk by! 

I'm going to go over our make-up / hair routine tomorrow. I had the BEST mascara EVER! No running whatsoever!



The Wedding Part 1

Ok, there are going to be a lot of photos. So I'm going to break this up as best I can. Basically, I want to show you everything and I'm trying to figure out what is best! Prepare yourself for lots of pictures!

Seriously....look at these girls. Beyond precious. They were so good! Ignore our trashed hotel room. It was chaos!

Getting some help with the dress!

A glimpse at some of the pro shots. The box to the right will not be in the pictures! 

The girls dresses matched Lauren's almost perfectly! We got them at JcPenny for $14. Not even kidding. And yes, my sister's dress was pale pink. 

Mom and Dad!

Grandma and Grandpa with Lauren.

My fam! I really hate everything about the angle of this photo for me. My grandma took these so she was off to the side. Let's hope the pro pics are more flattering. 

The parents and their baby girl. 

Miss Reagan!

This is going to be such a great picture!

Tomorrow...the ceremony/reception.



My Sister is a wife!

It's been about 3 weeks since I last checked in. It was a whirlwind couple of weeks. Lots of last minute wedding things and then a week of recovery. Lauren and Nik got married last Saturday and it could not have been a better day. I'm going to break down some of the details over the next couple of days. I meant to do this last week but I came down with one hell of an upper respiratory infection. I'm pretty sure I was running on adrenaline for so long that my body crashed when I could finally relax. I'm on the upswing but still not feeling great.

We don't have any professional pictures yet but I have been stealing everything anyone uploads on Facebook! Oh the perks of social media!

First, the rehearsal. It was windy and cold on Friday. The ceremony was outside so the rehearsal was pretty chilly. Thankfully, mother nature got this out of her system before the big day!

The cutest flower girls you will ever see! They stole the show. I can't wait for you to see them in tomorrow's post.  Isn't the view ridiculous?! We were just across the bridge from Cincinnati in Kentucky at The Drees Pavilion. The view was even better the next day.

Rehearsing. Trying to stay warm and keep the hair from blowing everywhere.

Bridesmaids and Flower Girls.

Best Man and Maid of Honor...Chase and I. My dress is from Target. Shoes: Nine West. Cardigan: J Crew.

My dad and the girls. They love him! Reagan is on the left and Tristan on the right. 

When Lauren, my cousin Tarin and I were younger, my grandma got us a pearl necklace. We had to get the pearl out of the oyster and then put it in a little heart cage pendant. My sister got the girls the same thing for their gift and they absolutely loved it. Getting the pearl out proved to be difficult and no one wanted to mess up their manicures! Lauren is wearing my necklace in the picture so they could see what they were getting.

Practicing the walk down the aisle.

The Groomsman got monogrammed glasses and their favorite alcohol. I think the guys were all quite happy with the gift!

BM's got monogrammed cosmetic bags from Marley Lilly and I got a monogrammed tote bag which was used as our emergency bag. Think Jennifer Lopez's fanny pack in The Wedding Planner in bag form. I had EVERYTHING!!

I think that's enough for today. Don't want to overload you with photos!!

Oh and I'm sure you noticed I have made a few changes to the ol' bloggy. I figured if I wasn't posting anything this weekend, it was a good time to make some changes. So, while sitting in bed on Friday and Saturday night I changed things up a bit! I hope you like it!