Wedding Updates

Ladies...we are officially less than 3 weeks from the big day. I have been cranking out the projects for Sister.

The ribbon bouquet no longer looks like a 4 year old made it. I worked really hard on it! The Bed Bath and Beyond ribbons were my nemesis!

SATC and Bridesmaid bouquets. SATC makes everything more enjoyable. Sister will not be wearing a bird in her hair like Carrie Bradshaw but it will still be gorgeous! 

One of the finished products. 

Another angle. Let's ignore the pajama shorts on the floor, ok?! 

This made the ribbon bouquet process even better. I hadn't seen the movie but I did read the books and I was pretty happy with the movie. How can I wait this long for the next movie? I will probably end up reading them again.

Non-Wedding related topics.

My grandma bought a puppy. She said it was God's will. Seriously. But, how can you resist this little face??

Meet Sophie! I picked her name. I said she looks like a Sophie. Then, we were outside and I called for her and she came running. My grandma nearly cried. Honestly, if I called her dog but said it in a sweet baby voice she would have responded. But, it is the perfect name for her! 

Mom is in desperate need of a new iPhone case, it's putting a green frame around everything because it's too stretched out. I'll give her my Lilly when the 5 comes out and I finally get a new phone!

I hope to get a few more product review posts up soon. I've been using some stuff for a while that I would love to discuss. But, we might have to wait until after the wedding. I'm pretty sure I was having an anxiety attack on my way home from work on Monday. Too many things to think about and I have a 50 minute drive so my mind was racing. If I make a list, I feel 500 times better but you can't make a list while driving so I just started fretting over everything. It was bad. Work + Wedding + Replacing a co-worker + A co-worker recovering from surgery (so I'm filling in with some of her duties) + Not having a free weekend until the last weekend in October = Lindsey slightly losing her mind. I love my students. Really, I do. They're awesome. But, the first group of a new year are needy. Lots of questions. Lots of changes. Lots of extra time that I don't have. I'm taking 3 days off for the wedding. I might not return!

I still have an OOTD from last week to share with you. I should do that! I'm also planning to buy my rehearsal dress this weekend. It needs to happen ASAP. An outlet mall sale sounds like the perfect time!

Ladies, I'm trying to stay up to date with your blogs. I miss being informed about your lives! I'm missing my blog friends BIG time. Hell, I haven't seen my IRL friends in what seems like weeks. My cousin emailed me and said I haven't seen you in months. That's a fact. So sad!



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