I'm not in college anymore

I was in Athens for a total of about 22 hours. In those 22 hours I spent 8 of them sleeping. We managed to visit 7 bars. I had Goodfella's pizza...twice. We ran into a large group of guys that we graduated with. They happened to be in town for Bachelor party. It was such a great surprise to see them! I have a few pictures for you. I didn't get my camera out until late in the evening and my phone was dying so there aren't many pictures. Let's hope my girls upload some soon because I think they have some good ones!

Our boys are kind of good looking...

Welcome home. Every Friday afternoon/early evening was spent here Senior year. Progressives and chicken wings.

The College Inn. One of my favorites.

Bestie and her boy. Love them.

I will claim her as my best friend any day! Also, we had a group of highly intoxicated girls behind us. They cheered for Michael Phelps on all 4 legs of the relay. Apparently, he's such a badass that he just does the entire thing himself. Finally, they started chanting USA which was still obnoxious but at least it was more accurate. 

We had to show the Romanian an aquarium. A trip to OU isn't complete until you have one. 

The Junction has a new owner and it's now called "The J Bar" which is just stupid in our opinion. The place is too clean and bright. I miss the dirty sticky floor, the balcony on the verge of collapsing and their tall glasses. A Junction Punch should not be served in a plastic cup.

Every time we go back something has changed. They closed Skippers. Which was one of our favorite restaurant/bars. It's now a part of Jackie O's which was called O'Hooley's back in our day. The Pigskin is trendy now which is incredibly upsetting. There's a Chipotle...this one I don't hate but it's still different. The Junction is no more...I don't know this J Bar! O'Betty's has a second location with sit down seating. It takes away from the charm of ordering your food thru a small window in an alcove of a building! I would probably still go to the original location! Even with all of the changes, it's still my Happy Place and we're going back in December for Jill's baby brother's 21st birthday shuffle.

I hope you all had a great weekend! It's going to be a long week. I'm pretty exhausted from that whirlwind trip. Oh and Ladies, my hair is now back to normal. Thankfully...no more red/orange hairline!


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  1. I miss Skipper's too. My brother still lives in Athens and we found an old table tap one afternoon when I was there. I also miss Evo and Blue Gator and agree that J-Bar is a silly name.