Workout Clothes = Happiness!

I'm back after a crazy week. If I miss a few days over the next few months, don't give up on me! From now until our courses finish in November, I'll be stretched pretty thin. I'm going to try my best though!

Let's get back to my 4th of July shopping trip with Jenn. The outlet mall was good to me. I love buying new workout clothes. Running shorts make me really happy! Especially cute and brightly colored ones. The 11 days of 100 degree weather really put a damper on my running so I'm really looking forward to this break in the heat.

Under Armour had their shorts for $15 as opposed to the Nike Tempo's that were 2 for $40. I enjoyed the color options and prints of the Tempo's but I went for the cheaper ones. The sports bras were $7. Crazy right?! I can't wear any running tank tops which is incredibly annoying. I don't want to risk the tan lines. I have that strapless dress to look forward to in September. So, I got a few more of my favorite UA shirts. They were on the sale rack and cost me a whopping $7 and $11. Love my new Nike running socks. Something you probably don't know about me. I hate shoes. I would wear flip flops year round despite the fact that my closet does not reflect this. I'm picky about my socks. They make me feel claustrophobic.  I cannot stand it if my shoes are tied too tight. These guys are thin and dry fit so I'm excited to try them out.

I finally got some shorts that fit. American Eagle Midi shorts for $30. American Eagle Khaki shorts marked down to $14.99 with 50% off. Nice! I finally got the J Crew purple chinos I have been lusting after! I really want them in Navy and Grey too.

All three of these are from AE. The tanks remind me of the BR one I got a few weeks ago. I'm kind of obsessed with it so I figured I needed a few more! I've already worn both of them and I'm happy with the purchase. The neon strapless top was a last minute pick-up. $10 and it's neon. Done and Done.

So, there are my latest purchases! Did any of you find any great 4th of July deals?

I hope you have a great week! I have my birthday to look forward to and more meetings than I can keep track of!


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  1. I LOVE getting new clothes, but workout clothes make me oh.so.happy! I just ran my first marathon and it made me truly appreciate great workout clothes!
    Would love for you to pop on over to http://coffeebeansandbobbypins.blogspot.com/ and follow along!