Well that's kinda gross...

We had a break in the heat yesterday. And by a break I mean it was 94 instead of 104. This still did not make my run the most enjoyable experience. Oh and the sun was ridiculously bright. I was forced to run in my Betsey Johnson wayfarers. Do you have that mental image? Ok, now add this brightly colored ensemble to it.

I'm pretty sure I could glow in the dark in those shorts. I don't hate it though. So, here I am running around the walking track pretty much glowing. You could definitely spot me in the wooded area without a problem. I basically ran back and forth in the shade to keep from passing out or throwing up (yeah I do that when I push myself too hard).

I'm not one of those graceful, non-sweaty, going for an easy 5 mile run kind of runners. As I'm running along, dripping in sweat and wiping my face on my shirt, I thought to myself people must think I'm utterly repulsive. How am I the only one dripping in sweat? It's hot people! Maybe it was the fact that I kept spitting. Yeah that's kind of gross. But, cotton mouth is a bitch. I even stopped at my car to hit my water bottle. As I rinsed my mouth and spit it in the parking lot, I thought...my god I really am disgusting. I personally enjoyed the make-up and tinted moisturizer running down my face. Thank god I had some napkins in my car!

Here's the thing, as a group I think runners can be kind of gross. You do what ya gotta do during a long run. To spare all of the non-runners out there, I'll keep the details to myself. But, I know some of you know just what I'm talking about! We're a different breed of people and I love everything about it!

Sorry for the random post about how disgusting I am when I run. I'm sure many of you have similar thoughts about yourself post workout. Here's to another sweaty disgusting workout today! Happy Tuesday Ladies!


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  1. At least you are looking ridiculously cute in those shorts!