No electricity = a boring weekend

Well, we had a HUGE storm on Friday. I'm pretty sure I drove thru a tornado and I was trembling when I finally made it to Jenn's house. We had plans to see this...

We had to wait out the storm a bit but we still made it to dinner and the movie. It was great! There was an entire row of middle aged women behind us wearing Magic Mike visors, they had fans that were in the shape of a male silhouette (with abs) and whistles. It was a totally packed house and we waited in line - amusement park style - for about 45 minutes. It was sold out and I wasn't about to sit in the front row so we got there early. We pre-ordered our tickets on Monday. Best idea...EVER.

I came home to no electricity. It's been out since 4:30 pm on Friday and has yet to return. Talk about a long and boring weekend! Thankfully, the basement is a little cooler. But, it hit 88 degrees in the house yesterday which resulted in a trip to Sonic for slushies. It's been a long rough weekend and I'm ready for my life to go back to normal. Even the animals are suffering. I have pictures but I can't use my computer so those will wait.

I hope you all had a great weekend! Did any of you see Magic Mike? What about Ted? I want to see that too!


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