Ladies, I have been MIA. I will hopefully be back tomorrow with some new purchases! Work is cray cray right now. I sit behind this iMac for hours on end so the thought of putting together a post when I get home is almost unbearable.

Some updates:
1. We got power back on Monday at 4:30. Exactly 3 days after we lost it. So happy to have AC again because these 100 degree days are getting to be too much to handle.
2. I spent the 4th shopping with the bestie. Lots of new running gear was purchased, as well as some adorable shorts and tanks. I finally own a pair of J Crew shorts I have been lusting after!
3. Did you know Chipotle closes on holidays?! Yeah, we learned that the hard way yesterday. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting it today to fulfill the still lingering craving.
4. My birthday is NEXT WEEK. 29. AHH. I'm kind of struggling with that a bit. But, I have lots of great coupons and freebies to make it a little easier!
5. Today feels like a Saturday or Sunday and I'm wondering why I'm at work right now.

That's all I have for this Thursday. I hope you all enjoyed the 4th. I've already decided, next year I'm giving myself a long weekend during this week. I have zero desire to work. Have a great day Dolls!


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