I love purple!

Purple is my favorite color. I love it. So you know I was stoked when I picked up these purple shorts at J Crew on the 4th of July. The color isn't the only reason I love them. They are ridiculously comfortable. I need more. I might have to stalk the J Crew Factory online store until I find them on sale again! I went to dinner with the parents for my birthday over the weekend. I'm always cold in restaurants so it was a perfect time to wear my lace sweatshirt!

Tank: PacSun
Shorts: J Crew
Shoes: Sperry
Watch: Invicta

I highly recommend checking these shorts out. They are $34.50 right now and there are still a lot of colors available! I don't know how long the shoes will be on sale at Dillard's but as of right now they are still marked down to $60. Alright Ladies, I hope you have a great Thursday! I'm spending my afternoon in meetings and at the ENT's office. Jealous?! Thought so!



  1. I love them! I guess I need to get to jcrew! Purple is such a fun color!

  2. they are so cute,love it,follow you,hope you can follow me back :D


  3. Aw these shorts are adorable and purple is one of my fa colours ^^

    xo, L

  4. Love your outfit! cute shoes too!