Birthday Presents!

Here is the run down on my birthday presents. Some were gifts some were gifts from me to me (which are sometimes the best gifts).

I can thank the parentals for these! I have liked them for quite some time. I actually went in with the intention of getting a different pair but these were on sale and I'm so happy I chose them! 

Bestie knows me so well. My Lilly planner is the same print. I have been refusing to buy a new cell phone cover despite the fact that mine no longer fit. It was silicon and totally stretched out. It constantly fell off but I plan to buy the 5 when it comes out so I don't want to spend money on a new case. Jenn couldn't handle it so she bought me this little beauty! 

She also knows how much I liked this sweatshirt from AE. Ladies, the lace front is sheer and completely adorable. I wore it the other day. Expect an OOTD soon.

Now begins the purchases I made for myself. This F21 shirt is great. It hits slightly off the shoulder and the back is all lace. I'm a sucker for anything lace right now. 

The back of the dress is solid black. I'm really looking forward to wearing this! 

I finally have my first piece of the peplum trend. I'm wearing this on Thursday to a meeting with a black pencil skirt. I'm really excited about it. I found some great Jessica Simpson shoes over the weekend that will look great with this. I guess that means I definitely have to buy them now!

I had a great Express birthday reward card. $40 off. So, I got this shirt after the most annoying experience of my life. I will not even get into it. But, the girl checking me out was nothing short of stupid. 

I also found this little crochet gem on the clearance wall. It's crazy comfortable. It was a whopping $11.

I purchased a few cute rings at F21 too. I failed to take pictures of them but I'll be sure to point them out when I wear them. Well there ya have it dolls! I hope you all have a great Wednesday!



  1. Oohhh la la, you're going to look fab in your new outfits! I'm sort of obsessed with that AE sweatshirt. I may need to buy it to wear once this belly goes away.

    1. Get it! You won't regret it. I kind of wish I could wear it every day.

  2. Nice items! FOllowed you on bloglovin, maybe follow me back?


  3. Wow! You're so lucky! I like the first dress! :) Belated happy birthday!


  4. You really racked up!! I loveee that phone case and the peplum! Oh and happy birthday :)