Where to begin...

I should first back up to Thursday. I had my last ENT check up and I'm cleared with no restrictions. So thankful! Mainly because I'm flying next week for work and I pretty much don't have a choice in the matter! I go back in 6 weeks for a hearing test. He said everything looks great. I'm beyond happy!

Friday, my sister and I shopped our little hearts out to get ready for the shower. We were so productive. We then went to my Grandma's house to cover all of the tables. So glad we did this on Friday because there would have been no time on Saturday. Here is a mock up of the tables in the garage.

Don't worry that stick was trimmed down before we added flowers. 

Then, I went home and made the party favors. A body scrub that was made of a 1/2 cup of sugar, 2 tbsp lemon juice and 1 tbsp olive oil. I was hoping it would smell more lemony. It did not. But, I tested it and it definitely made my skin silky smooth! 

I also made monogrammed sugar cookies. There were yellow, lavender and pink cookies with gray writing.

On to the shower. It was lovely and she got so many great gifts. However, things did not go as planned. We had intense winds. I was so concerned about the chance of rain that I did not consider the wind. Every side of the doilies had to be taped down and those table coverings weren't going anywhere. My non-existent fingerprints can prove this! I have no pictures of the final outdoor set up  because I placed all of the flowers in my awesome DIY vases and pots (they were full of marbles and water to add weight) and one swift blow of the wind knocked them all over. Ruining doilies and soaking chairs. I proceeded to throw the vases in the yard to get them out of my way. This was 10 minutes before start time. So, as guests are arriving I'm picking marbles out of the grass. Deep breaths Lindsey, it will be fine.

We eat and that's great. The food was amazing. The bridal party was sitting a head table with everyone else sitting in front of us. Then, another gust of wind. This time my sister's plate landed on my lap...splattering my dress with salad dressing. Trying not to make a scene, I asked for napkins and proceeded to pick cheese off of my dress. My white cardigan was also splattered with strawberry juice. I calmly ask my Grandma where she keeps the Shout and go inside. At this point I'm just trying not to cry. I can't change because the only other outfit I have is my boyfriend jeans and flannel shirt. That is not happening. I managed to get almost all of it out of my dress. Then, I come out of the bathroom to find that the party is being moved inside. My entire schedule for the party has gone to shit. We're opening gifts way before I had planned. Thank god I didn't have a lot of games planned because I would have been pissed! So, we played bride bingo while she opened gifts and then had cake. By the end of the shower, I just didn't care anymore. I'm glad she enjoyed herself and we had a great turn out. That's all that matters. My type A/borderline OCD behavior does not handle spur of the moment changes well. I'm a control freak and I know it!

Here is the bridal party. All of the other girls are wearing flats at the wedding and I'm wearing heels. Do you understand why??? Martina has on some serious heels in this picture!

(L-R) Maddie, Jes, Me, Lauren, Sarah, Martina, Reagan, Tristan)

I'm going to go thru my camera tonight and find some other pictures of the shower. I want to show you my gifts too.

Oh and I spent Sunday reading The Hunger Games which in turn gave me the most bizarre dreams last night. I'm quite sleepy today and I think I could have used another day off! I hope you all have a great Monday.



  1. Wow good for you for holding it together! All that matters us that SHE had fun. I had to remind myself of that after a similar experience with my sister's baby shower. Do you love The Hunger Games!? I love the series.

    1. She felt awful about my dress and I tried to not let it effect things. The first 45 minutes were just a little rough! LOVING The Hunger Games!

  2. I'm sure it turned out just lovely. I always seem to get caught up in an actual event that I'm hosting that I fail in the picture department. Glad to see you got a good group shot. (And I'm really short too, so I feel ya on the heels thing).

    1. I gave my sister's friend my camera. So, I need to dig thru and see what we came up with! I'm glad you feel my pain Emily!

  3. Everyone had a great time, the food was delicious and she got some kick a$$ gifts! I'd say it was very successful, although, not as planned, still VERY successful!

    Hunger Games gave me some seriously f'd up dreams as well! The books were great but I was relieved when I finished them because the wacky dreams came to an end!

    1. The gifts were pretty awesome. (ahem...KitchenAid mixer..) I'm definitely ready for dreams about people getting hit by arrows and crazy tracker jackers to stop!