Shopping with 4 year old twin girls

This could sound like the worst possible thing you've ever heard. But, I was surprised by the girls positive attitudes and all around good behavior. I think it's because they are so unbelievably excited to be in my sister's wedding. They seriously cannot wait. It's adorable! But, we found flower girl dresses so everyone was happy! No one really wanted to spend a fortune on these dresses because let's be real, they are just going to get dirty. It is an outdoor wedding after all. We actually got a great deal on some adorable dresses at JCPenney. They enjoyed the little photo shoot too!

I loved the poofiness of this dress even though the colors didn't totally go. I just had to see them in it. 

We have liked this one for a while. It was definitely cute and they liked it better than the first one. 

How great is Tristan's pose? Reagan did start smiling eventually! 

This is the one we decided on. They started twirling around and smiling from ear to ear when they put it on. It was the cutest thing ever! They are the cutest! Don't mind Reagan's braid, she did not want to sit still. Oh and I know you're loving their gladiator sandals. Because I would definitely want a pair too!

How was every one's weekend? I spent my Saturday late morning/afternoon poolside. I always wear a hat and sunglasses. So, my face got no sun...this is not like the rest of my body. I don't burn. I can't remember the last time I had an actual sunburn. Well, Saturday ruined that streak! My chest is fried. I didn't reapply the sunscreen...mainly because I was engulfed in my book and kind of fell asleep, so I lost track of time. Oops! Everything has turned to a tan except this awesome burn across my chest. The tan line is ridiculous but we'll keep this blog post G rated and I'll refrain from sharing that! I have to say though, spending the day by the pool was exactly what I needed! Let's get through this week rather quickly, how does that sound?! Happy Monday Dolls and Happy Bachelorette Watching!



  1. They are soo cute!
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  2. OMG these pictures are too cute! Love your little fashionistas!

    Big City Farm Girl